Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Work of Paolo Genta

When I'm in San Francisco, I oftentimes visit Smoke Signals, one of the best newsstands that I've ever seen. (I learned about it from Diane Dorrans Saeks.) Perusing their shelves of international newspapers and magazines is like taking a brief trip around the world. How I wish that Atlanta had something similar. The newsstand at my local Barnes & Noble just doesn't cut it in terms of international shelter magazines. If I lived near Smoke Signals, not only would I spend a fortune on foreign magazines, but I would also be much more familiar with the work of interior designers based in Italy, Spain, South Africa, and other countries far and wide.

While hopping around the internet recently, I discovered the work of Italian designer Paolo Genta of Studio Genta. Some (or perhaps many) of you are probably familiar with his work. I was not. Unfortunately, I can't glean much information about Genta from his website. However, a lengthy bio really isn't necessary after taking a look through his online portfolio of projects. His interiors are really quite stunning thanks to rich color, sumptuous fabrics, and serious furniture. It's a layered, rich look, one that I liken to a boeuf bourguignon or a pot au feu (or whatever the equivalent is in Italian cuisine.) All of the elements in the rooms seem to meld together to create a look that is hearty and flavorful.

I'm showing one of my favorite projects here, but there are many others on his website that are equally as striking. To visit Genta's website, click here.

All photos from the website of Studio Genta.


  1. Your description is right on! Hearty and multi-layered. Definitely rich and warm. It's so interesting to see international designers and how the styles differ in various regions.

  2. Very rich and warm. The layered collected look! I love it! Genta is fabulous...

    Art by Karena

  3. Dahhling I did not know of him either... too bad we don't have a FAB international magazine stand as the one you described here in the Garden either! but I thank you for the FAB images & the introduction to this great designer.

  4. It looks to me as though the archway of one of the curved doors is covered in the same velvet as the room's walls. Gorgeous!

  5. Oh, my, arched doors, turquoise accents, compass rose, heart be still.. franki

  6. I did not know about him, so beautiful. Thank you

  7. Wow, love the quote in his bio, "Coco Chanel stated that "Everyone has the face they deserve, so obviously everyone has the house they deserve!" What a character, and multi-talented designer he is!

  8. Hello, Jennifer and friends-

    I love this post.
    Magazine hunting in San Francisco:

    Yes, as we discussed, I shop for international magazines at
    SMOKE SIGNALS on Polk Street.
    I also often drop in to JUICY NEWS at Fillmore and Jackson Sts.
    Fortunately, both are (almost) within walking distance from my address.
    Jennifer-if you lived here I am sure we would meet often as we shopped for the best design magazines from around the world.
    i know both owners of these shops well--and they save magazines and papers for me. Lucky!
    I hope to see you out in this coast soon.

  9. This home is very beautiful. I would love to live here. The colors are so warm and inviting.