Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trading Places

A friend recently gave me a copy of the December 2003 issue of House & Garden. While reading it, I found an article on the Jacques Grange designed New York pied à terre of Mathilde Agostinelli and family. When I saw the photo of the pink tufted guest beds (see the photo towards the bottom of the post), I immediately recognized them as those that also appeared in the Agostinelli's Paris apartment, featured in House & Garden, May 2006. After comparing the two articles, it seems that many of the pieces that once graced their New York apartment later ended up in their main Paris residence (also decorated by Grange.)

Of course, if I had that gorgeous Grange designed plaster mirror, the Lalanne side table, and those embroidered panels, I too would make sure that no matter where I lived, there would always be a place for those blue chip pieces. They look terrific on both sides of the pond.

In the New York apartment, the Jacques Grange designed mirror was placed in the foyer.

In Paris, it's in the living room.

To the left of the New York living room, a pair of 18th c. bénitiers (holy water vessels) stood against one wall. One holds a silver champagne bucket with flowers. A Lalanne side table holds a drink tray.

The Lalanne table was later used in the Paris master bedroom. Note the wooden chair and Murano chandelier in the bathroom. The same pieces graced the New York foyer, shown in the second photo.

The holy water vessels later appeared in the Paris dining room, this time holding enormous shells.

Embroidered wall panels by Ernest Boiceau figured prominently into the scheme of the New York dining room.

In Paris, they were hung in the living room.

The pink tufted beds were placed next to each other in the New York guest bedroom. I'm taken with those small duvets.

And then here they are in the daughter's bedroom in Paris.

New York apartment photos from House & Garden, December 2003, Thibault Jeanson photographer. Paris photos from House & Garden, May 2006, Francois Halard photographer.


  1. Design at its best, classic, eclectic and elegant, timeless. jacques Grange is one of the great french designers and he loved to work with the whimsical Lalanne pieces. There is an exhibit at the musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris of Lalanne work...hoping to see it next month.

  2. I love the folding chairs in the dining room of the NY apartment. Grange used them, or others like them, in his own dining room.

  3. Love seeing the tricks of the trade at work. Amazing images and we also love both jacques Grange and Lalanne. Francine, what we would give to jet to Paris to see that exhibit!

  4. Jacques Grange has style and talent for days!

  5. Perfect repurposing! I don't think that Jacques Grange ever has an off day. Thank you. Mary

  6. Adore your eye + What a grand post. Thank you for sharing.