Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Silver and Gold Decorations

Yes, I borrowed the title from the Burl Ives' song, but it seems appropriate for a post on metal and metallic colored trim. It's been catching my eye lately. The trim by Aiveen Daly reminds me of jewelry, while Samuel and Sons' studded trim is reminiscent of the leather bracelets that have been so popular lately. Like bold jewelry, metal trim makes a statement so you need to use it wisely. Oh, and try to avoid anything that is too terribly shiny.

The three trims above plus that in the top photo are all by Aiveen Daly. The collection, available in a range of finishes, will debut soon. Visit their website for more details.

Samuel and Sons Diamond Nailhead on Leather. I could see it used on a tailored chair or sofa and perhaps even on a console or side table.

I think that this metallic border by Samuel and Sons is so elegant.

This tieback by Remy Lemoine Passementerie is not a metal but rather mirrored glass. Still, it reminds me of a sterling silver piece by Elsa Peretti.

I like the military look of this Royal Air Force Sword Knot Lace from Hand & Lock.

I'm sure it would be a big-time no-no to use Hand & Lock's General's Gold Twist Shoulder Cords in your home, but you have to admit they're pretty handsome.


  1. Braids made from ornamental metals. Too good. Nice decor idea.

  2. This is grand + Great post. Loved all of them but the Hand & Lock General's is divine.

  3. I collect and use vintage and antique metallic trims--they are gorgeous on pillows and chairs--it is the added patina of age that makes these trims even more enticing. Super post. Mary