Monday, December 05, 2011

Christopher Spitzmiller Visits One Kings Lane

To borrow a phrase from Albert Hadley's famous notepads: "Don't Forget"! Tomorrow night is a big night on One Kings Lane. Christopher Spitzmiller will be having his very own Tastemaker Tag Sale. Starting tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9pm EST, the sale will feature both Christopher's iconic lamps as well as items from his personal collection.

There will be 60 lamps offered, including 20 pairs and 20 single lamps- all of which are considered to be "seconds", meaning they either have slight glaze irregularities or are non-standard colors. I have purchased seconds lamps from Christopher and I have yet to find the irregularities on them. (I know that they're there, but I just can't find them.) This is a great opportunity to buy his beautiful lamps at 30% off the list price.

Also included will be 25 lots from Christopher's personal collection including a Comer Jennings painting of a Magnolia, an antique Venetian mirror that Christopher originally purchased from Sotheby's, and numerous books. I covet Christopher's entire book collection, so I'm especially excited to see what books he has listed.

So, don't forget to mark your calendars for Christopher's big sale tomorrow evening!

Peeking into Christopher's entry hall where one of his lamps graces a console table.

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