Thursday, November 03, 2011

No. 9 Thompson Dynasty Collection

I always look forward to No. 9 Thompson's new fabric collections. Yes, part of my excitement is due to my love of Asian prints, but I also find it interesting to learn what inspired Richard Smith, the line's design director. The fall collection is called Dynasty, and the various prints represent a fusion of the energy and glamour of modern China and the country's rich artistic history. I'm especially taken with Enter the Dragons and Qinglong.

All of these designs are printed on either linen or a linen/cotton/modal blend fabric. For more information, visit the Jim Thompson Fabrics website or your local fabric showroom.

Enter the Dragons. Inspired by a hand-knotted 17th c. silk carpet from the Ningxia region in China.

Qinglong. Smith reworked the scale and colors of Enter the Dragons and created the tonal version seen here. The tones were taken from an antique blue and white ceramic piece found at the Jim Thompson House in Bangkok.

Eastern Seas. Based on the traditional water pattern found often on textile borders and ceramics.

Imperial China. An updated take on the classic porcelain print. The designs of the vases, bowls, and plates were inspired by a traditional crane print and a cloud print that decorated an Imperial silk robe.

Chinese Steps. This fretwork pattern refers to that seen in Enter the Dragons and Qinglong.

All images courtesy of No. 9 Thompson


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