Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Living Large in Small Spaces

I borrowed the title of my post from the cover of the July/August issue of House Beautiful, although I might also add "Small Spaces Reign Supreme!"...or at least they do this month. Some of my favorite designers and architects- Maureen Footer, Nick Olsen, and Richard Bories and James Shearron- all have projects featured, and I am wowed by how each of them managed to make these small apartments both stylish and livable, all in very clever ways. Because as many of us know, living in a small home requires a lot of planning and design smarts.

Added bonus: check out Nick's video tour of the Brooklyn apartment that he decorated. Both Nick and the apartment look as good on video as they do in print!


  1. The whole issue is just terrific (and I've filed away that handy pull out card for future.)

  2. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Maureen Footer's apartment is absolutely exquisite. She has deftly achieved what few can. Her use of greens and tomato resonate and her knowledge of French furniture is apparent in the short article. I only wish she lived and worked on the West Coast.