Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy Independence Day

What? You don't decorate like this for July 4th? Well, not to worry because I don't either. These particular arrangements decorated the Southampton home of the Milton Petries during a Fourth of July dinner, one attended by none other than Aileen Mehle. Let's just say that if Suzy came to one of my parties, I too would have lots of exuberant centerpieces.

Speaking of the holiday, I will never forget that mid-1980s July 4th celebration that my family and I attended at the Beach Club at the Cloister. There was a big dinner by the pool, and while we were all eating, in walks Kenny Rogers and his entourage. Kenny was dressed in a mauve polyester Sansabelt suit! Needless to say, it was a far cry from the seersucker and madras jackets and bow-ties that the other men were wearing.

That's the beauty of living in this country. We have the freedom to vote the way we want, decorate the way we like, and even dress in Sansabelt suits. So, however and wherever you celebrate the 4th, have a Happy Independence Day.

All images from Tiffany Parties.


  1. Clearly these decoratorations were not approved by David Easton, or probably whoever else was the interior designer for the house. But it is the patriotic spirit that counts, is it not? Happy Independence Day!

  2. Kenny in Sansabelt..a sight to behold. Adore that about this country+thanks for a grand post. Happy

  3. Hi Jennifer...what? Sansabelt slacks aren't a must wear? Funny, I actually have a picture of that scene in my mind. Were there white shoes too? Good for Kenny!
    Hope you have a great Fourth!

  4. Yes, that is the beauty of living in this great nation. We all need to focus on the greatness of what we have been given and devote our energies to making it stronger: a place where "the American dream" can still be obtained and a nation where a prosperous middle class supports the democratic principles upon which we were founded. Thanks for the platform and have a super perfectly decorated 4th OF JULY. Mary

  5. Anonymous12:28 PM

    I think your readers should know that Sansabelt suits are now illegal in 37 States...

  6. What a hilarious story!
    That's a memory you will not soon forget!

    Have a lovely holiday weekend.