Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Unantiquated Andirons

Back when I had a real fireplace (rather than the faux one that I now have), I had the hardest time finding andirons, screens, and tools that didn't look old-fashioned. The andirons that crossed my path were usually of the brass variety and seemed fitting for Ben Franklin. Not that early American-ish andirons are not lovely; quite the contrary. They just seemed a little incongruous with my affinity for high gloss and mirror.

Unfortunately, I'm no longer in the market for andirons and such, but I did see some last week that would have been perfect in my old house. Available through
Parc Monceau, they were vintage brass versions that had the elegant and regal shape of traditional andirons, but they had been replated in silver. How, um, cool is that? Silver toned fire tools and accessories would work well in a bedroom- if you're lucky enough to have a fireplace in your bedroom, that is- especially one decorated in cool, icy colors. Or, what if you had a dining room replete with silver Fromental or de Gournay wallpaper and a fireplace with a mirrored surround? The silver plated andirons would look, oh, okay, hot.

But, if brass is your thing- and I do love brass too- I've included a few examples that look modern. Let's just say that these aren't your grandmother's andirons.

All are available through Parc Monceau and Parc Monceau on 1st dibs.

The silvered finish adds some glamour to these traditional faceted andirons with claw feet.

How many of you grew up with andirons like these? They look quite different in silver, don't they?

Anchors away. I love the novelty of these mid-century brass andirons.

Not too brassy, and the Neoclassical lines are quite dignified. This pair is early 20th century.

And, if you can't make up your mind, how about a pair with both silver and gilt?

All images courtesy of Parc Monceau.


  1. J --

    Funny timing. I spent last week collecting images of andirons for my parents. In the end they decided to plate their brass ones -- pewter finish I think :)

  2. Silver is lovely, but if you want that look, have them plated in chrome or, better yet, satin nickel, since the silver will need polishing and might melt off in extreme heat. Gilt also does not like fire which is why you see the gilt bronze firedogs removed from the cast iron supports when a fire was lit, as seen in many paintings of high life in 18th century France. A bother, yes, but that's what servants were for...

  3. LOVE these, especially the neoclassical ones. The workmen are up in my bedroom as I write fitting my fireplace for gas logs - first one we've ever had. We have real fireplaces downstairs but got tired of lugging the logs upstairs with the ensuing mess. The silver would like great up there with my blue decor!!

  4. Quintessence- Sounds like you need to invest in a new pair of andirons ASAP! The silver would look great in a blue room.

  5. The silver and gilt ones will do it. Oddly there seems to be a good bit of fuming about open fireplaces, But I adore them. Great finds. pgt

  6. very nice collection, I too have been on a hunt for them and have found nothing to write home about. They are like hunting for a needle in a haystack!

  7. Mmm I just love the silver. I wish I still had an indoor fireplace!
    xo Isa

  8. I will stop by and check them out! I know they carry a line of new andirons that are supposed to be quite beautiful - I am blanking on the name right now. It's a company that also makes the most beautiful metal base lamps.