Monday, February 01, 2010

Have You Seen Clover?

Remember that fabulous Rob Southern project that was featured in House Beautiful last year? It was the Houston house which had that gorgeous Benjamin Moore Bermuda Turquoise lacquered library. (I was so taken with that color that I ended up using it in my own home.) Anyway, the house belongs to Chesie Breen, editor in chief of the new online magazine Clover, and lucky for us her publication's website features additional photos of this beautiful home. Take a look through the slide show... it's a great way to get through a Monday!

(Image at top from Clover; Victoria Pearson photographer.)


  1. I hadn't seen it, so thanks for the link. That one shot alone is stunning.

  2. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Fantastic images - truly inspired.

  3. Fabulous . those clocks are wonderful. Love the blackamoor

  4. Gorgeous - and can't wait to take a look at this link, thanks!