Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Everything Old is New Again

Remember this David Netto room that many of us have blogged about? The beauty of it, at least to me, is that it's so unexpected. There's that very traditional scenic wallpaper in a bedroom no less, and yet any stuffiness is tempered by that sleek chrome bed and the room's rather spare color scheme (except for the pop of orange on the bed of course). This room came to mind when I was visiting Waterhouse Wallhangings website.

Of course their paper is traditional; that's because the prints are reproductions of 18th and 19th century wallpaper that was found in early American homes. The patterns themselves are really quite beautiful. But imagine using "Bargello" in a small room and hanging contemporary art on it or placing a slick black Parsons table against it. Or how about taking "Parkman House" and using it on the ceiling- that could be kind of sexy. (Something which I'm sure those Puritans did not have in mind!) In the words of Eric Clapton, "It's in the way that you use it."


Parkman House

Devil Paper

Jolicoeur Star II


Celestial Swag

Dorothy Waterhouse, the namesake of the company, used to visit those wonderful old New England homes in search of document prints. Can you think of anything more fun and interesting than that? I can't. Am I alone?


  1. WOW! Mrs. Waterhouse did indeed have a fantastic job! I love, love, love the devil paper!

  2. I want that devil paper - NOW!

  3. I love the Bargello wallpaper! The devil one is humorous. I did a posting two days ago on wallpapers...I love a home with wallcoverings!

  4. Hi Jennifer:
    A couple of years ago, while visting The Hermiage (home of Andrew Jackson in Nashville) I was amazed at all the orginal wallpaper in the rooms. The docent said they had a restorer who came in once a year. I never wanted to leave & I knew then that I would love to have a job like Ms. Waterhouse.

    Also, I've always been a fan of Daid Netto's bedroom & agree with you about the modern touches.

  5. Love it when I am asked to recreate a wallpaper of an old home or to restore it.
    Nothing better than a lovely mural type wallpaper.

  6. Love Waterhouse Wallhangings - I always enjoy looking through their website. Have you seen this seller on eBay? - he carries many WW prints!

  7. Gorgeous papers--no, you are definitely not alone. Great post.

  8. I love that bedroom!

    Can you think of anything better then search old houses for such treasures???
    A dream work!

    I love the Parkman House paper...

  9. I am moving into that room. I love the wall papered mural and I definitely want that devil wp.

  10. Of course, one of my favorite things about that bedroom is the sweet white dog peeking out!

  11. I believe, the wall paper in the room we all adore..Is Zuber. I had a home in CT. In which I turn into *The Brick Room* That I was fortunate to have his work grace the walls of that room. Great post!

  12. Yes,
    I agree what a fun job visiting those old homes. I am
    and always have been a wallpaper person. I like the hunting
    mural on the first image.


  13. Perfection.
    How happy I am to see wallpaper getting the attention it deserves.

  14. I like how your decorating mind works. Great ideas for such timeless papers. And you are not alone, Dorothy had quite the fascinating creative job. x

  15. Jennifer,

    I love all these wonderful wallpapers. I have scenic paper in my dining room & I love it. Thanks for sharing this small view into your mind's eye. I love your thought process. Very similar to mine. Hope you are well.

    I might have to use the 1st orange paper in my laundry room. I've been trying to find something funky but not too much for a small space. Very pretty.

  16. What a wonderful way to spend your "work" days - I LOVE the Parkman House paper in particular -and your idea to put it on the ceiling is inspired. Thanks.

  17. No, you are not. This is like being a historian, digging through old papers. It is like being a treasure hunter. Wonderful job...