Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Verde Home Earthday Sale

There is a great store here in Atlanta that made me change the way I felt about green design. Located at the Brickworks building, Verde Home sells furniture, rugs, and accessories that are environmentally friendly and good looking too. I think that's been one of my beefs with green design- sometimes the pieces just aren't very attractive. And that is why I was pleasantly surprised by the offerings at Verde. I think many of their rugs and upholstered pieces would work well in traditional homes. Oh, and they also sell gorgeous antiques, and that's green too.

Verde Home will be hosting their annual Earthday sale from April 18 to April 25. Discounts will be offered on upholstery, Tibetan rugs, lighting, and custom hardwood furniture. If you're reading this post and you'd like to hit the sale early, by all means do. Verde has offered readers the opportunity to take advantage of a one week presale from April 13-17. Go see what good green design is all about- and get a discount too!

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