Wednesday, April 08, 2009

And Yet Another Mr. Hadley Opportunity

First, we had the opportunity to purchase books from Mr. Hadley's library, and now we can buy a bit of his creative process too! Gerald Bland will be exhibiting a selection of Mr. Hadley's sketches that were drawn throughout his career. This is really a wonderful opportunity to own a bit of America's design history.

And if you're not able to visit the exhibit, I would suggest reading
Albert Hadley: Drawings and the Design Process. It's a great book that provides insight into Mr. Hadley's vision.

(Gerald Bland is located at 1262 Madison Ave.)


  1. I'll be in NYC that day--hope I can go!


    Great information.

    Missed this: you said 'first we had the opportunity to buy Mr Hadley's books'...
    Where and when was this, and what books were they--and are any still available?

    thanks so much, DIANE

  3. This is a wonderful opportunity Jennifer. You need some of those sketches for your chic new place.