Thursday, February 12, 2009

Katie Ridder Hits a Home Run

Just this past Monday, I was waxing poetic about vintage prints from the 1920s and 30s and was wondering whatever happened to the unique prints of yesteryear? Well, I just received some samples from Katie Ridder's new wallpaper line, and I think that I found those unique prints. To me, Katie's designs are vintage in spirit, but they're completely "now" too.

One thing that really struck me about the entire line is the color- it's so rich that it practically jumps off of the paper. Don't get me wrong, though. The color nor the prints knock you over the head. But these are the kind of prints that make you stand up and take notice, and isn't that nice for a change? Oh, and they're exuberant too. I think it's time for some exuberance in design. We certainly could use it!

(I scanned my samples in hopes that you could get an accurate idea of the amazing colors. For more colorways, visit
Katie Ridder's site. I really recommend getting some samples so that you can see the paper in person. It's gorgeous stuff! The wallpaper is available through Holland and Sherry showrooms.)

"Leaf" in Black. Wouldn't this look great in an entryway or a powder room?

"Beetlecat" in Blue. Such a charming print, and to me it's evocative of those great 1920s and 30s prints.

"Peony" in Pink. Sweet, but not at all saccharine. A great option for those who are on the fence about florals.

"Attendants" in Pink. I think this is my favorite print- I adore it!! Those wonderful shades of pink against the gray background are stunning.

"Moon Flower" in Red. Great color combination, and the metallic pattern on the moons adds some gleam.

"Oiseau" in Chocolate. For those who like more subtle prints, this one is for you.

Image at top: "Seaweed" in Green. This print has a Deco vibe to me. Beautiful!


  1. Oh yes these would be perfect in a powder room. And if retailers were seeing better days, a fashionable boutique. Can't you see them in a dressing room?

    Jennifer, you should have Attendants in your chic pad!

  2. love these. i thought the oiseau in red (my favourite) and oiseau in orange were very beautiful!

  3. I too love "Attendants" especially in this colorway. It is wonderful. The two things I wish would stage a comeback are hats on women and wallpaper.

  4. Courtney- Great idea about the dressing room! I wish these papers were out when I was choosing wallpaper for my new place! I just adore Attendants.

  5. Paul- "Oiseau" is really pretty and quite charming too.

  6. Style- Couldn't agree more! I'm trying to do my part with the wallpaper!

  7. The leaf in Black looks wonderful for me . It will be great in an entryway , it will give drama to an house . It will be a kind of Orient express home!

  8. My favorite is the "Oiseau",
    gorgeous! I have not been fond of wallpaper in recent years but find myself looking for interesting ones now!

  9. Katie has great style - I have to agree with you and Beth - "Attendants" is my favorite.

  10. I have always loved wallpaper and am so glad it is popular again. I LOVE the "Peony" and the "Seaweed". Great post!! By the way, I am absolutely thrilled with this month's House Beautiful!

  11. These are great. I only wish they came in fabrics as well.

  12. I love her prints - they are so happy! I especially like the sailboats!

  13. Anonymous10:05 AM

    The first print looks a lot like one done by fashion designer Zandra Rhodes!