Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Creating A Little Drama Down at the Party Barn

I wonder if I was an actress in another life because I sure like dramatic interiors. I don't have the guts to go completely overboard in my own home- you know, it's that burden of Southern propriety or something. So I always thought that if I had some type of party barn, I would go the theatrical route and give it the old Oliver Messel touch. (For those of you who aren't familiar with Messel, he was a socially prominent British artist who was one of the leading set designers of the twentieth century. And if you're interested, his nephew is Lord Snowdon.)

To furnish my little fantasy barn, I would choose pieces that have presence. Now, each of the pieces below would look great on its own. I wouldn't necessarily mix them all together. After all, you only need one diva in the room! That said, this is for fun so let's throw caution to the wind.

I also think I would keep my color palette limited to black and white with just a few accents of color. Why? Perhaps it's because I have a fondness for old black and white movies. And when you pit deep, dark black against pure, creamy white, well, it's like good vs. evil, and is there anything more dramatic than that?

(Image at top: George Carter's party barn is perfection- at least to me.)

Possible Furnishings for the Party Barn:

White Webb's Intaglio Console Table

White Webb's Intaglio Chandelier

Wall Sconce Shell by Nymphenburg

Maitland Smith Black and White Obelisks. I would use them for table decorations.

Handpainted Screen by Gracie

Chrome fireplace mantle

Polychrome painted over-mantle mirror. Not really part of my party barn design scheme. I'm only showing this because it caught my eye and it's fabulous!


  1. Your furnishing picks are fantastic! I bet it'd look amazing if you did decide to make a dramatic space.
    I've always loved George Carter's barn. It's magical, isn't it?

  2. Oh, I do hope I get an invite - it's so dashing!

  3. Living for the vintage obelisks! Wish they were still producing streamlined, daring products as throughout the 70's (ala Mr. Springer) and early 80's.

  4. Just really love the Carter barn: not only as it IS - but, also for the fact that it holds so much possibility. .... . a stage to be played upon. Great post!

  5. i love white webb's intaglio chandelier! the nymphenburg wall sconce shell is heaven! i can't get enough of the black and white obelisks! too gorgeous : ) i think your choice of the chrome fireplace mantle is inspired genius! -p.p.

  6. Its a great idea. What I really love is the painted screen.

  7. Catherine9:03 PM

    love THE pAGODA! reminds of the Pagoda book which I bought b/c of you and love it! I want to rip out the pages and frame them!

  8. I am dying over that fireplace - very Adler/Elkins...

  9. does anyone know where the pagoda style over mantel mirror is from??

  10. That fireplace is so Studio 54! With the screen you would have quite the decadent party vibe going on, which I personally am very much in favor of.

  11. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Thanks for picture and the link to the Nymphenburg shell. I placed it in the center of my laptop screen in a sea of black as screen saver.

    Your whole collection of objects is great!

  12. I love the White Webb Chandelier -
    Romantic yet sophisticated.

  13. My fair lady with the party barn... I would do the invites, place cards and party favors. Dress would be black and white too, non?

    Girl after my own barn. love it.

  14. If you didnt grow up with ornate furniture, or have not been influenced by others, then you probably were. If you lived in Asia this would be taken as 'normal'.