Thursday, January 15, 2009

Marcia Sherrill at Roland Antiques

Marcia Sherrill has long been a fixture here in Atlanta. Part of it has to do with her vivacious and madcap personality. But the other thing about Marcia is that she is accomplished in so many areas. For years she designed a gorgeous handbag line. She is also an interior designer, a writer, an antiques and vintage furniture dealer, and now a co-founder of a new website called Victory Over Divorce. She's a bit of a modern day version of Auntie Mame.

Sherrill now resides in New York, and I'm sure many of you are familiar with her articles and interviews that are featured on 1st dibs. Marcia recently emailed me with the news that she has partnered with some friends to open a new store called Marcia Sherrill at Roland Antiques. The shop is located at 74 East 11th St., and I do hope to visit it in person soon. (Or you can simply go to 1st dibs and see
her wares for yourself.)

Marcia emailed me a few photos of her shop, and I love the mix of pieces. It's the type of shop where you never know what you might find. And if you need a little levity, you might want to read Marcia's
monthly column for Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles (available on their website). It's a hoot!


  1. Jennifer, I am loving knowing about Marcia!! She is a native Alabamian as I am !! She is definately a modern day Auntie Mame, isn't she??? I would love to visit her shop in NYC looks quite unique. Can't wait to go back and read more about her. Thanks for a great post!!!

  2. Mimilee- I bet you two would really hit it off! You've got to read her articles for Atl. Homes & Lifestyles. They're a riot!

  3. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Wow...this Marcia Sherrill is cool! What a so many things!!!! i googled her and she has a web site, too

  4. Marcia is never dull! Auntie Mame is the perfect description -- and renaissance woman. I don't think I was aware of the Victory website :)

    Jennifer, speaking of style, the decorative work your sister did for you (shown in HB) is wonderful! So chic and personal. It was great to see you, Patricia, and Hollister on the same page.

  5. Becca6:29 PM

    Wow, the chair in the last picture is fantastic! What a gorgeous piece.

  6. Love Marcia. I love seeing her 'eye' through this shop. That woman is a power house.

  7. Anonymous4:24 AM

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