Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Florals and Veggies

Spring has most definitely sprung down here in the South. We've had some warm, sunny days, and everything is coated in a thick layer of pollen. So naturally, my mind has turned to vernal thoughts of flowers and vegetables. Bring on the buds and the blooms! Time to serve some Spring Pea Soup. In the spirit of the season, here are some other ways to indulge in the season's bounty.

How cool is this? It's a sterling silver champagne saver by Mary's Garden. You simply place this pretty little gadget into an open Champagne bottle and it preserves the bubbles (I don't know how it works, but it's very clever.) The garden inspired savers are available in Camellia Leaf, Chinese Paper Plant Bud (shown above), Flowering Dogwood Berries, and other horticultural designs.

The Design for Health Portion Plate by Jeffrey Harris. This porcelain plate depicts the proper portions of veggies, starches, and protein that one should consume for a healthy diet. Looks like I need to start doubling up on the vegetables.

Any of the white asparagus I've bought here in Atlanta tastes like dirt! Next time, I'll save my money and buy some white asparagus candles instead. Vegetable candles by Point a la Ligne.

Nymphenburg Sketches plate designed by Hella Jongerius, available at Moss.

"French Tulips" painting, available at Dutch Touch Art.

Doesn't Erin Rosenow create the cheeriest floral arrangements? You can buy arrangements like this one (and the one at top) at her shop in San Francisco.


  1. Erin has a great eye when it comes to arrangements!! Love all these examples!


  2. Kate- You're lucky that Erin lives in your neck of the woods!

  3. After three days of spending hours reading and swooning over the lavish and perfectly chosen photos, I have to say this has become my absolute number one favorite blog on the web! Love the pics, love the info, love your writing!
    When, if ever, you're in New Haven, we must meet and I'll take you to lovely New England chic homes!

    Never stop blogging!


  4. Thanks Tristan! You made my day. I've only been to New Haven once. I'll let you know if I'm heading your direction.

  5. Hi,
    just touching base: the asparagus by Point à la Ligne look scrumptious, will have to dash to Galeries Lafayette tomorrow to get some! But here in Toulouse spring is really here (including hail storms, giboulées, in French) & the asparagus is lovely! We've been feasting, nay gorging, on the stuff for over a fortnight as the season is quite short.
    Just one question though: how do you find the time to read / post with such zeal? As is, it's only now that I can drop you a quick line about the shell drawings you showed in March. We have a very similar Pierre Frey fabric for the Roman blind in our bathroom & I really love it!
    Barbotinement yours

  6. Anne-Sophie, I'm quite sure that your asparagus does not taste like dirt! That Pierre Frey fabric sounds fantastic! Enjoy your Spring!

  7. Exquisite examples Jennifer!

  8. Exquisite examples Jennifer!

  9. So envying your spring. Cold and wet and ick here. I know, soon, maybe the Sketches plates would help!

  10. Those French tulips - anytime anyday anyway!

  11. Hello Peak!
    As pretty as it is, the champagne saver doesn't have to be a dedicated object - -meaning that any sterling spoon, handle down, serves the same function. But who has champagne left over?

    Also, one of the first presents the omniscient Mrs. E. gave me was a sterling silver, retractable mind you, champagne swizzler. Just the thing. Tiffany. Not sure they make them anymore. I suppose noone drinks champers for breakfast in polite company anymore....

    Enjoy spring... "et in arcadia ego."

  12. E and E- Tiffany made one as recently (or as long ago, depending on how you look at it) as ten years ago. Seeing how they've gotten rid of all of the decent merchandise, I bet they don't make one anymore.

  13. Such great finds! I agree with Joni...The French tulips are Gorge and I love the Erin Rosenow bouquet. Hmmm. She is in my neck of the woods. I may have to pay her a visit! :)

  14. I couldn't agree more with E&E Life, who in their right mind leaves even a drop of Champagne in the bottle?????? Do such people exist??? And what is wrong with them?????
    PS. Yes, I"m Julia & I am an alcoholic. (in recovery 10 years)