Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Claire Cormier Fauvel

Remember when I wrote a post about my elusive search for the shell turtle candlestick owned by Joe Nye, Christopher Spitzmiller, and Todd Romano? Well, amazingly enough, I received an email from the candlestick maker herself- the talented French artist Claire Cormier Fauvel. While Claire does occasionally make smaller items for retail shops (like the turtle candlestick she designed for Hollyhock), she spends a majority of her time creating custom design pieces (chandeliers, sconces, etc.) for interior designers. In addition to working with shells, Claire also uses beads and iron to render her masterpieces.

Claire was kind enough to share these photos of her work with me. The pieces are truly wonderful! Although Claire does not yet have a website (she's simply too busy working her magic with shells and beads!), she can be reached by email:

Here is but a sampling of her amazing work:

Black Mussels Chandelier

Tiny Shells Frame

Blossom Chandelier

Coral Lantern

Coral Chandelier

Palm Candlesticks

Crocodile Chandelier

Eye Detail of Crocodile Chandelier- how fabulous!

Fish Chandelier

Image at top: My dream candlestick in the home of Joe Nye


  1. These are so whimsical. I especially love the black mussel and coral chandeliers--they remind me of a nineteenth century grotto, though I can see them in a fairly stark contemporary room.

    Great post!

  2. This is a wonderful introduction. Thanks!

    I wonder if she had anything to do with the beaded ship that hung in Erika Reade? (An Atlanta boutique for those of you not in Georgia :)

  3. I am gobsmacked. Totally gobsmacked. The Blossoms chandelier, as well as the fish and the crocodile and the palm candlesticks ... wow ...

  4. I must have the tiny shells frame!! And that fish chandelier is something else!


  5. I love the croc! Beyond beyond!

    Did you score the candlestick?

  6. Anonymous8:15 PM

    the chandelier is magnificent. The frame is beautiful, but makes my carpal-tunnel hurt because I can only imagine hand beading that!

  7. That croc chandelier is truly unbelievable. And no, unfortunately, no candlestick... yet!

  8. Halcyon- I might also go blind!

  9. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Wow this is stunning! The Black mussels chandelier is gorgeous. I'm in LOVE :-)

  10. OMG! I am in entranced! These are peices of magic. What a talent. I am a shell collector myself, and so the photo of the shell frame really got me, but everything is fantastic.

  11. Anonymous9:06 PM

    ..........does ANYONE know who's fabric is covering the living room chairs?
    Would really appreciate it.
    Thank you.

  12. Scott Waterman10:07 PM

    FYI I painted the room where Claire's blossoms chandelier hangs.

    Scott Waterman

  13. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Anyone?.........who's fabric is on those chairs?
    Thank you!

  14. Anon- I'll find out and will report back shortly. Stay tuned.

  15. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Thank you POC!
    Am positively smitten with it.........

  16. This was one VEry cool post ! I did a double take on the crocodile chandelier. That's not exactly something you see every day. The palm trees on the dining table were cute but I liked #16 :)


  17. I LOVVVVVE these chandeliers!!! i think you have changed my life once again!!!

  18. FYI I've just started a blog and posted more pix of Claire's work: