Monday, January 21, 2008

Think Prints!

For all of you print lovers out there, I think you'll be pleased with many of the Resort/Spring 2008 lines (clothing that is!). There are prints to please everyone- florals, graphics, ikats. And if you'd prefer to keep your prints on your furniture and walls, well then that's fine too.

Oscar de la Renta, long known for exploring the exotic with his designs, has used ikats on dresses, coats, and shoes. I know we've seen ikats in interior design for some time now, but I still think de la Renta's ikat shoes would be perfect for kicking around the design center. Carolina Herrera, no stranger to prints herself, used sweet florals, humorous chair prints, and cherry prints- a little frippery for Spring and Summer. And let's not forget Tuleh, a line which always, in my opinion, uses some of the best prints. This year Bryan Bradley has used a fabulous grisaille fabric for a coat (check Bergdorf's site to see it) as well as a fun, but not at all cutesy, umbrella print for another coat.

It just goes to show that fashion and interior design really aren't all that far apart. Now if someone would just create a clothing line that embodies the style of Billy Baldwin, I would be a very happy woman.

Violet print dress by Carolina Herrera

"Viola d'amore" by Avigdor through Classic Revivals

Ikat dress by Oscar de la Renta (Resort 2008 Collection)

"Black Luce" ikat print by Madeline Weinrib

Chair print dress by Carolina Herrera

Chair print by Kravet

Umbrella print coat by Tuleh

Umbrella print by Kravet

Poppy print press by D&G Dolce & Gabbana

"Unikko" by Marimekko

Image at top: Embroidered ikat flat by Oscar de la Renta


  1. djellabah9:19 AM

    After all these years, Marimekko still has the power to surprise and delight. What other prints are so optimistic and happy-making?

  2. djellabah- I agree, and they never seem dated either.

  3. Love how you paired the poppy with the Marimekko.

  4. Courtney- The D&G dress is really the perfect summertime dress, don't you think?!

  5. Loved to see these side by side -it's going to be a fun season.

  6. Tory Burch says she is influenced by David Hicks.
    BTW, I love that shoe and that's a nice way to include a cool print in your wardrobe without being enveloped by it!

  7. Some lovely prints from Oscar! I'll take the Ikat dress and the shoes!!

  8. Anonymous5:02 PM

    You should do fashion posts more often. You're good at it!


  9. Loving this! I want those shoes!! They are so cute!

  10. Great post! I loved the compare and contast of the fashion and the fabrics.

  11. Great pairings!! Theres a lot of work in this post - peak

    The marimekko and DG are so well paired - I'm impressed - delicious!

  12. This is a fascinating post. I love how you show the relationships between clothing and home furnishings. I the violet prints such a harbinger or spring, so much to look forward to.

  13. Some gorgeous patterns here Jennifer - I am so excited about the reemergence of print & pattern!

  14. Great post! Love the Oscar shoes!

  15. Oh, how clever you are! I always say that everything is connected. Fashion connects for interior design which connects to entertaining which connectes to food... and on and on. I love this post!!!