Thursday, January 31, 2008

These Photos Make Me Want To.....

Work! (I know- can you believe it?) Yes, sometimes work can be a joy, while at other times it can be pure drudgery. This is exactly why you should create a work environment that is comfortable, functional, and aesthetically satisfying. After all, don't you want to be inspired to write the next Pulitzer Prize winning book or become the next Billy Baldwin? And how are you supposed to do this while sitting at a faux-woodgrain laminate desk in a drably colored room? Depressing!

The great thing about decorating offices is that you can do it on a restricted budget. OK, so you're stuck with that horror of a laminate desk. No problem- drape it with an inexpensive yet chic fabric such as a solid-colored linen and trim it with decorative tape. How about using a bamboo ballroom chair as your desk chair? Sometimes you can buy used ones from party supply companies. Add a little cushion to the seat and voila- you've just added a little glam to your office. Bookcases, especially for you designers, are critical for organization. I know most of us would give our right arm for some Billy Baldwin/Cole Porter brass bookcases. Until your ship comes in, IKEA makes some decent ones that can be painted or covered in wallpaper. And make sure to paint (or paper if you choose) your walls in a color that makes you happy.

So, with a little creativity and ingenuity, you too can create an office that will have you beaming with pride, much like Ms. Draper below!

Images above: 1) Office in the home of Temple St.Clair Carr, as seen in Elle Decor So Chic, photographer Eric Piasecki
2) Sitting room of the late designer Roger Banks-Pye
3) A Nina Campbell designed study
4) A desk vignette of a room designed by Keith Irvine


  1. These make me want to work too!! my office is such a disaster these days I avoid it and tend to do work at the kitchen table. My sample closet is filled to the top and opening the door can be hazardous to your life. I need a space organizer - these photos are inspiring me to get that going.

  2. Great post! (as I sit in my home office.)

  3. The Irvine vignette is inspiring. I may have to clean up around here. Or at least rename myself something along the lines of "Temple St. Claire Carr" -- how could you fail to be ensconced in chic surroundings with a moniker like that? Hmmm, what goes with "Sinjin-Sinjin-Smythe?"

    Great post, the photos really do leave you longing for a visit to the office. I wonder what it would take to get the message through to the open plan and cubicle crowd?

  4. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Thanks for the super-inspiring post! I especially like the little drop-out bar in the Keith Irvine room. Pretty and an excellent reminder that one needs a balance between work and relaxation. Now if I could only get all my desk items to work without cords....

    Have a lovely day.

  5. There's just something about a nice cozy office filled books and character! Great post!!


  6. My favorite of the spaces is the Roger Banks-Pye room. The perfect place in which to curl up with an engrossing book and a glass of wine—and the BlackBerry turned off!

  7. That first library is lovely
    oh for an office like that :-)

  8. Wow, what great inspiration! I'd love to do something with our office space at home, which is currently a desk in our entrance/foyer (no space anywhere else!) but my husband has a bad habit of collecting papers and its hard enough to see the desk underneath it all! I'm not sure if I jazzed it up a bit that he would change his ways...

  9. I've been looking at home offices a lot lately. Thanks for the inspiration! Did you happen to see or hear that you were mentioned in the ASID Daily email on the 30th? If you haven't seen it, email me and I'll forward it to you. Way to go Peak of Chic!!

  10. SPot On!! This is a great post and although I have yet to do so, creating the perfect and comfy office is definitely needed. Thanks for the inspiration!


  11. yes...a tidy beautiful office...wouldn't that be a treat. My office is now a storeroom for our moving boxes, I have to climb over things to get to my computer :(

  12. Love your blog - it's so well researched and resourced :)