Monday, March 19, 2007

Quadrille Fabrics

As Spring and its promise of warmer weather is right around the corner, now is the perfect time for you to reevaluate your interior and consider lightening things up. Out with the wools and in with the cotton and linen! Billy Baldwin suggested having two sets of slipcovers made for upholstered furniture- one set for summer and one for winter. While this may seem a bit extravagant, Baldwin had a point- who wants to spend the warm weather months lounging around on a pile of wool pillows?

The most appropriate fabrics for Spring and Summer are, in my opinion, cotton and linen. Why not change out those heavy curtains for some breezy linen panels in a solid color? And to add dash to your room, how about having some pillows made in a graphic- print linen or cotton? Some of the best summery graphic prints around are by Quadrille. Here are a few that would look great in a beach house and a city apartment:

"Saya Gata" in Orange on Linen by Alan Campbell at Quadrille

"Deauville" in French Blue by Alan Campbell at Quadrille

"Textura" in French Blue on Linen, China Seas Collection at Quadrille

Image at top is "Ziggurat" in Brown in Linen/Cotton, China Seas Collection at Quadrille

(All images courtesy of Quadrille Inc.)


  1. Beautiful, breezy fabrics. I'm now ready for summer.

  2. So glad this site is up now! Thank for sharing the link.

  3. Thanks for highlighting Quadrille fabrics, I just did a modern style nursery in there fabrics, can't wait to see how it turns out. I really like their tolies as well, especially the ones with the block missing....really contemporary feeling.

  4. Mark, the nursery sounds wonderful. Will you post it on your blog? I'd love to see it! (I like their toiles too!)

  5. I just loooovvve Quadrille Fabrics! I first saw them when I was in LA last year as we don't get them here in Aus. I have been trying to purchase some directly from Quadrille since I came back but they have been really difficult to deal with. I just hope now that their website is up and running maybe it will be easier for me to get them now!! Thanks for showing these gorgeous fabrics!

  6. Sure when I am done, I will definitely post the images, will be afew weeks yet though.

  7. i'm a big user and fan of the china seas collection especially

  8. Anonymous3:23 AM

    I've just used Quadrille to make a pair of fab bedroom lamps in their suzani fabric for a client. I love the cheery blues!!