Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Geometric Print Rugs

If you're looking for a geometric print rug that is a little tamer than those David Hicks patterns, you may want to consider one from Elson & Company. The company, which weaves Tibetan and dhurrie rugs, has a very sophisticated collection of rugs. The colors tend to be soft, and the patterns are not at all jarring. What is most exciting, though, is that Oscar de la Renta and Lulu de Kwiatkowski have both designed rugs for Elson. And for those of you who adore Lulu DK's "Chant" (myself included), you can now purchase a rug in this pattern (see image above)!

"Madison" in Sky by Lulu DK

"Manisalez" Dhurrie by Oscar de la Renta

"Pasajes Blu" Dhurrie by Oscar de la Renta

"Caceres" Tibetan by Oscar de la Renta

(All images courtesy of Elson & Company)


  1. Love the bamboo-y looking one.

  2. Beautiful rugs, all of them!

  3. I just wish we could get rugs like these down here in Aus!! You are so lucky to have so many wonderful places to source things over there!! Great post BTW! Thanks for showing us these beautiful designs!