Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cocktail Time (and we're not talking about Sandra Lee)

Why not jazz up your cocktail hour with some of these exquisite cocktail napkins?

Carolyne Roehm has created an extensive line of decorative accessories. In her Ode to Bill Blass collection, Roehm has included the vintage style cocktail napkin above. Use one of these whilst drinking your next Manhattan and you just might think you're in a Thin Man movie.

Sharyn Blonde designs some truly beautiful, heirloom-quality table linens that are embroidered in Madeira. The designs are quite fanciful and would make any cocktail gathering an event. Just don't serve the red wine!

And why don't you try mixing up your cocktail napkins at your next party? My favorite linen purveyor is Porthault. They have so many fun patterns that I couldn't decide which I liked best, so I decided to buy one of each pattern. While they may not technically match, altogether they look like an explosion of pattern!


  1. I'm just now getting to the December issue of Vogue and there are wonderful Porthault hankies featured in the Index Gift Guide (around p 400?) flowers, butterflies and one with the eiffel tower - have you seen anything like that in Atlanta?

    p.s. love your blog - will add to my favorites list!

  2. Mere- Belle Chambre on Pharr Rd. used to carry Porthault hankies, but I don't think I've seen them there lately (they were phasing out the Porthault). I don't think any other shops in Atl. carry Porthault. Porthault was supposed to have an online store up and running by early Feb., but that hasn't happened yet. If you go to their site (, you can get the number for the NYC store. A woman named Rose usually helps me, and she is very helpful. You could get them to ship to Atl, and you wouldn't have to pay tax. Sorry for the long response, but hope it helps! Thanks for posting! (PS- I have the Eiffel Tower and the hearts hankies and I love them).