Monday, February 27, 2012

A Ruthie Sommers Project For Sale

Although I have no plans to abandon Atlanta anytime soon, I do like to peruse Manhattan real estate listings from time to time. The other night while visiting the Stribling website, I found a listing for a townhouse that I recognized as having been decorated by Ruthie Sommers. You might remember it as the bachelor apartment that was featured in the November 2010 issue of Lonny.

As I recall, the Lonny article got a lot of positive coverage in the blogosphere as it was more masculine than many of Sommers' projects, a look that was obviously appropriate for her bachelor client. It was certainly no less attractive than Ruthie's other work, just different. You can see the interior photos below, some of which were featured in the Lonny article and some that I had not yet seen.

For more information on the listing, please click here.

All photos from the Stribling website.


  1. I would have advised against lowering the already-limited ceiling in the media/guest room on the ground floor (basement) level. It looks to be around 7 ft (or less) in order to accommodate those @&%#! recessed lights and speakers.

  2. Congratulations Jennifer on winning Best Overall Blog at the L.A. Design Blog Conference!! I agree! We've all been so inspired by your work.

  3. I meant...Congratulations on best overall writing at the LA Design Blog Conference.

  4. I love the tall windows; thanks for sharing this interior!

  5. Gorgeous - It would be heaven to live there!