Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dogs in Good Spirits

So, you've got your vodka, gin, bourbon, scotch, double old-fashioneds, bar pitcher, ice bucket, swizzle sticks, mixers, jiggers, and ice tongs raring to go on your drinks tray or bar cart. What else might you need to complete your bar set up? Well, if you're a dog lover, how about a dog shaped crystal or glass decanter? It's not something with which I was familiar until I stumbled across a photo of one on the internet recently.

While I'm usually not an advocate of cute things, I do think one of these decanters might add a little humor to your drinks tray. A bar or bar cart is one place where whimsy is generally deemed acceptable. Just beware of the vintage ceramic dog decanters that are in abundance on eBay. Now those aren't so cute.

Asprey glass dog decanter, c. 1937, available through Guinevere

C. 1910 English hand blown glass dog decanter that sold at auction around four years ago.

Antique Austrian dog decanter, c. 1900, from The Three Graces

An antique silver plated and crystal dog decanter from Nelson & Nelson Antiques

A collection of silver pieces, from the Estate of Queen Juliana of The Netherlands that was auctioned at Sotheby's last year. Included in the lot was a silver-plated dog spout and a sterling dog mount for a decanter.

Not quite a decanter, but rather a sterling tantalus modeled as a dog house that holds two decanters.

Cartoon at top from The New Yorker, August 11, 1997, by Leo Cullum


  1. Which reminds me, how is Sir Alfie?

  2. Love those! What conversation pieces, and the verdant vistas.. if only!!

  3. Home Before Dark- Thank you for asking. He still rules the roost and is as rambunctious as ever!

  4. One of those is just what Mr. Jones needs in order to complete his Perfect Poodle persona. Thanks for the fun. Mary

  5. These are the best + so unusual. I adore a divine decanter, take a look at Dan Aykrod's I use this on my bar + use it when it is empty-it never fails to get a "where did you get that?" remark. Love your blog. xxpeggybraswelldesign.

  6. I adore this post. Those decanters are amazing!

  7. I had to stop and say ....nice post. It was the cocktail recipe on your side-bar that made me feel at home!

  8. Crafty Home-Life- Sounds like we both love a good cocktail!

  9. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Hi there! I am looking for the 4 glasses - does anyone know where they might be for sale? They are not on ebay..