Tuesday, February 28, 2012

R Hughes Showroom

I recently spent a morning at R Hughes, a boutique furniture, lighting, and fabric showroom located on Atlanta's West Side. Representing lines such as Ochre, Jiun Ho Collection, Helene Aumont, Chip and Company, and Jean de Merry, R Hughes provides a well-edited selection of furnishings that blur the line between contemporary and traditional. There are a lot of updated, clean-lined pieces that would make any die hard modernist happy, and yet the traditionalists like me have not been overlooked. Just look at that green leather wing chair above, part of the Coup Studio Collection by Coup d'Etat. I'm absolutely gaga for that chair.

There were three lines in particular that stood out to me. One was the aforementioned Coup Studio Collection that was recently introduced by San Francisco based Coup d'Etat. What struck me about the collection in particular was the seating. The sofas, chairs, and benches look more like custom pieces to me and are far more unique that much of the seating that is on the market today. Also catching my eye were two Southern lines: Avrett and Coleman Taylor Textiles. Take a look at all three collections below, but be sure to visit R Hughes as well. There is so much more than what my camera captured.

For more information on these lines, contact R Hughes at 404.607.8807 or steven@r-hughes.com

Coup Studio Collection's tufted Victorian Conversational is actually two separate pieces. Put them back to back or place each half against a wall.

A pair of Coup Collection's pony hair benches.

This version of Coup Collection's tufted sofa is covered in a pickle green velvet.

Coup's Regency style sofa is really sumptuous looking.

Based in Montgomery, Alabama, the Coleman Taylor Textiles line features neutral colored linen fabrics whose prints are hand painted in metallic paints. You can see the pattern colors that are available in the photo which shows the fabric swatch with painted birds. There are around 8 different patterns available which can be ordered as all over prints or as borders. Custom designs are also possible.

And finally, we have Avrett, a hand-crafted furniture, lighting, and accessories line out of Charleston. Avrett is especially noted for its metalwork. Just take a look at that Gothic style firescreen. If only I had a working fireplace!


  1. The Regency Sofa really caught my eye. What an interesting looking showroom.

  2. I have followed Coup D'Etat since they first opened their doors. The evolution to custom furniture is fantastic. Thanks for the heads up. Be well. Mary

  3. Great post, Jennifer. Love that tufted leather chair and pinned it! Frances

  4. does'nt the fabric have a Fortuny-esque feel to it - wonderful

  5. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Thanks for noticing our hand painted fabrics in the R.Hughes showroom. We love working with Ryan and his sales staff. He has an amazing ability to select unique items that were previously unavailable in the southeast.

  6. I have a blue sofa is very nice but i like the green one