Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Latest from de Gournay

While in Los Angeles last week, I visited the Nicky Rising showroom, where Hannah Cecil Gurney, Director of de Gournay, showed me the latest additions to the de Gournay line.  Some of the designs are new, while others have been updated in new colors, such as Fishes, shown above, which is now available in a striking red colorway.

Like the rest of the de Gournay line, the new additions are covetable and will likely have you wishing to redecorate your homes.  I discovered quite a few designs that I would be thrilled to hang in my home, especially scenic papers like Xie You Yu, Paul et Virginie, and English Landscape Design.  But while you look through my photos below, keep in mind that they don't do the papers justice.  There are subtleties such as bas relief, embroidery, and tarnished metal finishes that simply can't be captured in photographs.  That's all the more reason for you to see the papers for yourself.  If you're in Los Angeles, be sure to visit Nicky Rising, which is a jewel-box of a showroom, to see the full collection.  Or, if you live in the Southeast, you can consult Angela Patrick at Ainsworth-Noah.  These new designs are well-worth a visit.

P.S.- Some of the designs' names have escaped me, but I have included those that I do remember.


Hixmore Triangles



Xie You Yu

Flamingos painted in Ghost style on Deep Rich Gold gilded paper

Le Bresil in Ghost style on sterling silver gilded paper

English Landscape Design in Intaglio Painting

Paul et Virginie

Whistler Peacocks

Flamingos in full custom color

Cupid & Psyche

All photos the copyright of Jennifer Boles for The Peak of Chic


  1. Hello Jennifer, These papers are stunning. Perhaps my favorite is the subtle Hixmore Triangles, which I would love to see in person.

  2. Dear Jennifer, all so glorious, I am ready to create at least a powder room in one of these.....
    The Arts by Karena

  3. Wall envy! These are sumptuous. Thank you for this post.

  4. I'll never forget when, many years ago, a friend and I stumbled onto the de Gournay showroom, just off Fulham Rd in London. We were absolutely gobsmacked by the beauty an artistry of these papers. Oh to have a house grand enough to use one of these papers (and to be able to afford such!)!!!

  5. wonderful + great photos xx

  6. Thank you Jennifer for your support and love for all things de Gournay.

  7. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Nancy Lancaster used "Paul et Virginie" themed paper in the Tobacco Bedroom at Haseley Court. I wonder if this is the same designs?

  8. I have always loved "Fishes" I once saw it used on a screen, which makes great sense, since you get the look, without the cost of doing a whole room, especially in this design, which is so reminiscent of a Japanese screen to begin with...

  9. Absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing! Jennifer It was very nice meeting you at LCDQLA.