Monday, May 18, 2015

The Windows of Legends

I returned last week from Los Angeles, where I attended Legends.  To say that I had a good time is an understatement, as it took me days to recover from the non-stop socializing and inspiration-seeking that is Legends.  But the post-event exhaustion was certainly worth it, as I had the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new acquaintances, such as Nicky Haslam, of whom I am in awe.  It was also very gratifying to see how close-knit the Los Angeles design community is and how vibrant the La Cienega Design Quarter remains. 

One of the highlights of this annual event are the windows of the La Cienega showrooms, which are thematically-decorated by prominent designers.  This year's theme was "Muses", and each participating designer chose a muse who (or, in some cases, which) inspires them.  Muses ranged from people (Charles de Beistegui and Slim Aarons) to places (Bali) and things, such as a blank slate.

For those of you who were unable to attend Legends, I want to show you just some of the windows that I saw during my stay in Los Angeles.  Because of the sheer number of designer windows that were featured at Legends, I'm only featuring half of the windows, which I chose at random.  But, please visit the Legends website to get the full run-down of windows.  My photos don't do the windows justice, so thankfully, I am able to share Grey Crawford's photographs with you.  And, if next year you have the opportunity to attend Legends, then I will likely see you there. 

Designer: Kristen Buckingham; Showroom: Kristen Buckingham; Muse: Lauren Santo Domingo

Designer: Timothy Corrigan; Showroom: Compas; Muse: Charles de Beistegui

Designer: Sam Allen; Showroom: Hollyhock; Muse: Bali

Designer: Young Huh; Showroom: Harbinger; Muse: La Grande Odalisque by Ingres.

Designer: Julia Buckingham; Showroom: The Rug Company; Muse: Slim Aarons

Designer: Ken Fulk; Showroom: Therien; Muse: The Movie Inside My Mind

Designer: Kylee Shintaffer; Showroom: Hollyhock; Muse: The Blank Slate

Designer: Scot Meacham Wood; Showroom: Mehraban; Muse: Shakespeare's Henry V

Designer: Susan Cohen; Showroom: J.D. Staron; Muse: Coco Chanel

Designer: Betsy Burnham; Showroom: Mecox; Muse: Animals

Designer: Platner and Company; Showroom: Stark; Muse: Rose Cumming

Designer: Gary Gibson; Showroom: Lee Stanton Antiques; Muse: Martin Puryear

Designer: Hallworth Design; Showroom: Lee Stanton Antiques; Muse: Mother Nature/ Warrior

Designer: Konstantin Kakanias; Showroom: Jasper; Muse: My Dog, Renzo

Designer: Amy Meier; Showroom: Marc Phillips; Muse: My Mother's Workroom

Designer: Cliff Fong; Showroom: Dragonette; Muse: Gertrude Stein

Designer: Nicky Kehoe; Showroom: Hollywood at Home; Muse: Wes Anderson

Designer: Molly Luetkemeyer; Showroom: Jamal's; Muse: Josef Albers

Designer: Stephen Shutts; Showroom: Jamal's; Muse: Eden, The Quest for Paradise

Designer: Elizabeth Dinkel; Showroom: Nicky Rising; Muse: Julia Morgan

All photos taken by Grey Crawford and used here with express permission of LCDQ Legends.


  1. Dear Jennifer!
    First of all Mario asked about you and said hello. You lucky girl getting to attend fabulous LEGENDS !!! I loved this post, but then I like all of your writing. I thought how funny that Lizzie Dinkel used a Savonarola chair since you chose that for your books cover! My favorite of what I saw this year, was the Timothy Corrigan, inspired by de Beistegui...did you know that Paige Rense published two of my "letters to the editor" and one was about how much I appreciated the 1980's feature on Carlos de Beistegui ! Timothy was just here and I enjoyed very much getting to meet him. Just finished the new book by Nicky Haslam! Thanks again for the great coverage of a fabulous event !

    Dean Farris

  2. So many amazing windows. Kristen Buckingham's is so pretty and I love the touch of whimsy in Betsy Burnham's…all are stunning! It sounds like a fabulous time!!