Tuesday, October 07, 2014


I experienced design serendipity last week. I was catching up on my World of Interiors reading when I saw the article about the Castilian home of Paco Carvajal, the Count of Fontanar.  Great decor throughout the house, but what especially caught my eye was the vintage blue and white tile-motif wallpaper that Carvajal used around a bedroom fireplace.  (See above.)  According to the article, Carvajal found the old rolls of paper in his grandmother's pantry.  Hadn't I just seen that wallpaper somewhere recently???  Why, yes.  That is the same paper that was used in the bedroom of the old Denning and Fourcade residence, which I featured on my blog a few weeks ago:

These two photos brought to mind yet another interior where the paper was so strikingly used:

Here, you can see it in the blue and white sunroom of Oscar and Françoise de la Renta.  Three chic homes, all of which featured this stylish paper.  The only trouble is that I haven't a clue as to who produced this paper.  Any ideas?

Top photo from World of Interiors, September 2014, Pablo Zuloaga photographer.


  1. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Great eye!

  2. Yes, the paper is gorgeous (looks like it's hand blocked). But those moments of serendipity are the best bursts of connection and joy. Super post--I can't believe that you can remember and place all of the thousands of images that you see. Brava.

  3. Stunning! I thought it was tile around that corner fireplace. Just gorgeous....

  4. Love serendipity Jennifer, perfection here!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. Stunning photos! Even though the wallpaper is so bold and distinctive, I think it is more versatile than I'd expect. It actually takes on a different mood in each different setting. I hope you find the paper!

  6. Bravo Norman. One of my favorites from him, paraphrasing: "Nothing ruins a kitchen like appliances and upper cabinets."

  7. Hello Jennifer, looking through an old WOI and a very similar blue hand blocked damask caught my eye. Consulted your site and it wasn't a match but the firm Watts of Westminster maybe worth a look. Your devoted reader, Beth