Friday, November 01, 2013

For Will

My friend, Will Merrill, and I were recently discussing some of the more photographed designers of the 1970s. One name that Will mentioned was Charles Dear, a designer who, though not well-known today, was once featured in shelter magazines on a rather frequent basis. I recognized the name for I have seen Dear's work from time to time in some of my old magazines and books, but I know little about him. In fact, I tried to do some online research before posting this, but very little information can be gleaned.

Yesterday, as blogger panic disorder set in while I was trying to figure out what the heck to write for this post, I picked up a January 1971 issue of House Beautiful, and lo and behold, Charles Dear's Southampton home was featured. The house, which won the American Institute of Interior Designers' 1970 Eastern Region Award, was referred to as a "miniature French manor" by the magazine. The home's interior is peppered with popular design elements of the '70s, including Mexican tile floors, sliding glass doors, bold pattern and splashes of lime green. But if you look past the bright colors and bold prints, you'll find an interesting mix of antiques and modern furnishings, including now-classic Bielecky Brothers cane chairs in the dining room, a John Vesey leather and steel chair in one of the bedrooms, and a Triennale floor lamp by Arredoluce in the living room.  Actually, there is quite a bit that's classic about these interiors.

So, Will, this post is for you and anyone else who was a fan of Charles Dear's work.

The living room, above, had layers of pattern, most prominently seen in that rug.  To the right of the sofa, above, was a Triennale lamp that got cut out of the photo scan.

In the guest room, you can see the John Vesey leather chair to the left.

Dear, who was an avid gardener, chose floral prints for his bedroom.

The dining room was a rather simple affair, appropriate for the house's casual feel. The Bielecky Brothers cane chairs are classics.

The kitchen with yet another Bielecky Brothers cane chair.

All photos from House Beautiful, January 1971.


  1. Jennifer,
    Wow, aren't you something -----to have turned this up so quickly.
    I can just barely remember seeing this house, and these pictures.
    It is indeed a classic. It looks like it could have been decorated yesterday.
    Everything in the pictures looks fresh and new!
    I love the black and white fabrics in the living room --- the chevron on the chair, he zebra on the bench, and the small design on the lounge chair!
    Thanks so much for finding this.

  2. Search and you shall find. Have a great week-end.

  3. It's so nice to see these almost impressionistic renditions of photographs and interiors. Bravo.

  4. LURV!!! Pinned several of them. xo xo