Thursday, November 14, 2013

December flower

I'm going to take a brief break from blogging while I'm on my book tour, but before I do so, I want to mention that I wrote an article that appears in the new December issue of flower magazine. 

Have you seen flower yet?  If not, go buy yourself a copy because you're in for a real treat.  The December issue features great articles on Alessandra Branca, Carleton Varney (who has a new book coming out next month, Decorating in the Grand Manor: A Design Memoir), and the Antiques and Garden Show of Nashville, which celebrated the life and legacy of Albert Hadley earlier this year.  (That's the article that I wrote.  The Albert Hadley connection made writing this article a real dream for me!)  And, as the magazine's name suggests, there are many photographs of beautiful gardens and flowers that grace flower's pages.

So, until I return Thanksgiving week, happy reading and see you soon.


  1. Beth NOLA9:25 AM

    By any chance do you have a tour calendar available?. I would hate to miss you if you come to New Orleans. Have a wonderful time and continued success!

    1. Hi Beth! Well, no, I don't, but that is an excellent idea. I'll work on putting a calendar together and posting to my blog in the next week or so.

      No plans yet to visit New Orleans, but I'll keep you posted!


  2. must run get a copy of Flower + have a safe time on your travels.

  3. Margaret Kaufman6:19 PM

    flower has such a strong southern following, I hope it's getting the national attention it deserves. They always feature the most beautiful gardens, interiors and floral designs. I'm smitten with the tulip, magnolia leaf and tallow berry wreaths and wedding bouquet in the current issue (you can see photos on their site in the "Landmark Occasion" wedding feature)...just gorgeous! Congrats on your article, Jennifer!

    1. Thank you Margaret! I think the magazine is just about to burst onto the national scene, if it hasn't done so already!

  4. Hi Jennifer, congrats and thank you for the introduction to Flower!

    The Arts by Karena