Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Inspired by Gavin Houghton

Much to Alfie's chagrin, I often spend my Sundays doing a little decorating and fluffing of my apartment.  You see, Alfie hates change, and anytime I move something around, he stops in his tracks and starts to bark at whatever it is that is new or different.  Perhaps it's not change that he doesn't like.  Maybe he simply doesn't like my decorating.

Anyway, last weekend I hit the internet in search of decorating inspiration, and I fortuitously found the website of British designer, art director, and furniture designer Gavin Houghton. Houghton is clearly a talented designer who is adept at mixing that classic British country house style with vibrant color and modern-minded pattern. For those of us who like this "mix" (a term that I realize is getting really tiresome,) there are lots of great ideas that we can take from Houghton's interiors.

So, in case you're looking for inspiration for your weekend decorating projects, do take a look at Houghton's site. I don't think you'll be disappointed. I only wish there were more photos of his work.


  1. Beautiful...especially the Studio Printworks "Lindenzweig" wallpaper in the powder room! and that chair in the last photo...FAB!

  2. My grandmother would be so amused. She decorated like this, splashes and mixes of color with traditional furnishings, patterned plates on walls covered in paper with an arabesque design. Her children hated it; not clean and "modern" but Grandma didn't care. Her grandchildren loved it, tracing patterns with our eyes (and sometimes fingers), using the brightest crayon colors in the box to draw our pictures for her because Grandma loved them. We loved those old rooms filled with things to discover. How she would smile that it is now all "in vogue". Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose...

  3. Love the inspiration and the fact that you have your very own decorating guard dog. I've always said I could never own a standard poodle. They have this look of disdain, "You're really going to wear that outside of this house? I'm staying here." I think Alfie's bark is more like one of alert as in, "Danger, danger Will Robinson".

  4. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Darling Jennifer

    If you are looking for inspiration and have a copy of the July 1987 H&G magazine handy, can I suggest that you make a piece about Villa Polissena in Rome and its creator, Enrico d'Assia (Prince Heinrich of Hesse)?

    Keep up the good work! More suggestions to follow if you are interested.



    1. Vronsky, I am sick that I don't have that issue of H&G. If you suggested this Roman villa, then it must be divine! I will try to find photos on the internet. And yes, please, more suggestions!

  5. adore the powder rm with gold mirror.

  6. This guy has style! Finally some photos wtih the dust blown off!
    Thank you!

  7. Love this decorator--he has a sense of humor, even American mid-century brass lamps.

  8. We adore all these beautiful pictures - beautiful work. Hard to decide which is our favorite but the arm chair is brilliant! And what a fun pup - our dog is great at being a throw rug and nothing more!