Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Novelty Shop Around the Corner

While researching a post, I stumbled upon the D. Blümchen & Company website, and it's got to be one of the most enchanting online shops around. D. Blümchen & Co. sells all kinds of decorative novelties, and while much of the stock is intended for use on holiday decorations, they could be used in any number of craft projects or for simple ornamentation. They carry Dresden trim which are traditional German die-cut foil paper decorations. I was excited to find these as the last time I saw Dresden trim was during my trip to Vienna five years ago. They also carry vintage floral sprays (see above and below) that are made of little fruits, vegetables, flowers, and leaves attached to wire picks. I'm not so sure what I would do with them, but I'm fascinated by them.

The stock is a mix of new, vintage, and old stock. While some pieces are made in the US, others were crafted in Germany, Russia, and Japan. It's really a very charming site and I urge you to visit it. Even if you're not a crafty person (and I'm definitely not), I think you'll find it most interesting.

Japanese Maple Leaf Spray

Dresden trim Birch Leaves

Dresden trim Fancy Starbursts

Czech Blown Glass Raspberry beads

Mixed Fruits and Chestnuts Spray

Vintage Red Woodland Mushrooms

Flying Swallow Cut-Out

Seashell and Fish Scrap Relief Picture


  1. I had the spray at the top! i had a loft with industrial metal doors in one of the bedrooms and I used them on the top. I used to call them my barn doors. Ah, good memories. Shackman's is another great one for vintage paper, paper dolls and tin toy reproductions. It used to be on Fifth Avenue not far from the above mentioned loft. Ah, good memories of poking around Shackman's, and the Halloween shop at the base of the Flatiron building.
    Shackman's is now on-line here: http://www.shackman.com/

  2. Very cute - Thanks so much for sharing and hope you enjoy your Tuesday! Jalon

  3. Oh, this brings back many memories. Growing up in Dresden, my grandmother and my parents had many of these decorations, used particularly at Easter and Christmas. I remember theses little mushroom clusters, flowers and fruits.
    There were Easter bunnies from paper mache and silk flowers too.
    Thank you for finding this little gem of a store!

  4. I love novelty stores and am anxious to check out Shackman's!

  5. Brings back childhood memories of a local five and dime. As a child I was utterly fascinated with those funny picks.

  6. Thank you SO much for sharing this website! I may just have found some items for my October wedding on here! Thank you thank you

  7. Oh good! I'm glad you found some things for your wedding! How exciting!

  8. Jennifer I can tell this would be a great shop to browse around! Love the seashells and fish reliefs.

    Art by Karena

  9. Those seashells are beautiful! What an amazing store.