Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Fabric of My Life

I spent the other evening going through drawers of fabric samples. Now, don't you feel sorry for me that I wasn't whooping it up out on the town. I actually enjoy looking through memo samples, so it's a nice way for me to spend an evening. A sickness, I'm sure.

It was funny to see some of the samples that I had picked up over the years. Why did I select Scalamandre's Calabassas County? Actually, it's a great print, but I can't figure out where I thought I would use it. Frogs don't really work in my home.

I know that this is going to come as a big shock to you- I have a lot of Chinoiserie fabric samples. That Summer Hill Shangrila-Chinois Lacquer above? It kills me with its 1920s feel. Hmmm, it just might work in my dining room...

...Then again, Old World Weavers Pecheur Chinois is awfully tempting as well especially in that teal colorway. Decisions, decisions.

And stars, one of my favorite motifs? I have some of those as well. That's everybody's favorite Trixie by Albert Hadley for Hinson on the left, and Bassett Mc Nab's Rittenhouse (in glazed cotton, no less) on the right.

I'm thinking that in a previous life, I either hunted big game... Tashkent Tiger, Blues on White, by Hinson.

...or upland bird. Who knew that I had a thing for the sporting life? Sologne by Pierre Frey.

And speaking of big game, I have lots and lots of animal prints in my drawers. I've winnowed it down to a few for the photo. Grey Watkins' Trident Stripe in the background, and Rose Cumming's Tanzania and Sabu in the foreground.

Floral prints make an appearance in the sample drawers which is interesting because I don't use them often, if at all. But, give me this Jim Thompson Night Jasmine linen, and I will absolutely reconsider.

And finally, do you think that I like blue? Out of all of the colors in my fabric drawers, blue wins hands down. I wonder what that says about me? Wait, don't answer that.

I believe that most of the prints featured here are still available, although a few could be discontinued. Almost all of these fabrics came from the following showrooms: Ainsworth-Noah, Travis & Company, Jerry Pair, Grizzel and Mann, Scalamandre, Schumacher, and Ernest Gaspard.


  1. Fabric Overload!
    That is the problem with being exposed to the huge plethora of stunning fabrics on offer.
    I really can relate to your night in caressing your samples. The problem is .... making the choice!
    As a decorator, I see these lovely weavings every day and am finding it more and more difficult to make the choice for clients let alone myself!!!

    Happy sample folding!

  2. Jennifer,

    I love those quiet evenings - sorting through textile samples . . . and discovering which of my 'all-time favourites' are STILL favoured.

    In some ways it feels like Christmas morning - re-discovering old favs - and plotting new ideas.

    happy shopping,

    (oddly, my verification word was 'caleb' - which is a favourite textile from Carlrton V!)

  3. A very revealing exercise- we should all do it. The frogs were a big surprise but they made me smile. I could imagine them in my son's room!

  4. This is a sickness I share. I adore chinoiseries and singeries. Toile seems to be my middle name!
    Paula ~ Mise en scène

  5. Your not alone fabric and wallpaper
    can be an addiction. There is I think a fairly new G.P. Baker wallpaper book that is over the top.
    You don't know what to choose first!!

  6. Frankly, I love all of the them, but the blue and white and animal prints get me as well as the blue too. I also love the Hadley print...great picks!

  7. I *love* that Scalamandre's "Calabasas County" is named after the Mark Twain story!

  8. That Alan Campbell design that is a loose chevron could work in many situations. And Albert Hadley's Trixie continues to remain fresh.

  9. Sounds like bliss to me...I have the same sickness!

  10. Sounds like a zen night to be. I have gone further, however. I have roll of fabric waiting to be used. My husband refers to it as inventory and rolls his eyes when I buy more. Repeat: I am not a hoarder. I am not a hoarder.

    ps Love the frogs...did the name get lost in translation? Mark Twain's fabulous frogs jumped around in Calaveras County!

  11. Sounds like a great night to me ! You have some lovely fabrics......

  12. OK, just pulled the frog sample back out. It is Calabassas case that helps :)

  13. The frogs are fabulous! My favorite. It would make a great whimsical accent cushion or pillow on my pink and green porch!
    What a fun post!


  14. My error - of course, Calaveras County for the Mark Twain story. I wonder if someone at Scalamandre had the same bad memory I do?! :D

  15. Untouched- Probably so! I'm impressed that you made the connection :)

  16. Can you remind me where the splatter paint fabric is from? I need it for a project;)

  17. This is not fair! The Pierre Frey "Sologne" fabric matches EXACTLY my (difficult to decorate) sitting room, colour- as well as themewise. It's not that I could afford it. Moving to Kensington Palace would be about as realistic. But now I won't like the not-bad, humble, affordable fabric I bought. It is just NOT FAIR! ;-)))

  18. Editrix- Sorry!!! :)
    It is a beautiful print, I agree.

  19. Hi Lilly! It's Hinson's "Spatter".

  20. Oh my, the frogs...I'm in love!!

  21. I love blue too, and I do like the Tashkent Tiger ; )

  22. Anonymous11:14 PM

    Love them all! Would love to know if anyone has seen the Jim Thompson Night Jasmine in action. Not sure how this would best be used, but it's gorgeous.

  23. Anon- I absolutely love "Night Jasmine". It's even more beautiful in person. You would def. need the right room for it, though.