Monday, March 08, 2010

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

...Actually, make that a few days late. Last week, Christie's held one of its Interiors auctions featuring property from one of the few still-intact Billy Haines interiors. The California home had been decorated by Haines between 1960 and 1965, and except for the occasional reupholstering job, the home pretty much remained as it was almost fifty years ago. And even more interesting is that the home was never photographed for publication.

The furniture and accessories are quintessential Haines. You have low slung chairs and sofas, comfortable upholstered pieces, custom mounted lamps, and Chinoiserie everywhere. There are lots that are evocative of 1960s era design- quilted upholstery and faux bamboo to name two- as well a few gems that still look fresh today, namely that unusual red crewelwork (see below). Anyway, take a look for yourselves. My one hope is that someone thoroughly photographed the home before it was dismantled.

A Billy Haines designed crewelwork sofa, c. 1960; realized price $8,125

A pair of Haines' "Seniah" club chairs upholstered in a red floral print, c. 1960; realized price $1,250

C. 1960s Haines designed dressing table and mirror with Chinese porcelain inset; went for $1,625

Pair of faux bamboo quilted headboards and armchair and ottoman, c. 1960; $4,000.

Pair of Billy Haines' bedside cabinets, 1960; $5,250

Patinated metal, marble, and hardstone inlay table; Haines, 1960; $8,750

A Haines designed zodiac rug; $3,000 realized price.

Tang dynasty Chinese straw glazed pottery soldier mounted on a Haines designed lamp base; $1,063.


  1. I want that screen! Wouldn't mind the headboards either :)

  2. I want the elephants and the foo dogs on the coffee table. The screen is amazing. What a genius of a decorator.

  3. Dean Farris9:24 AM

    Dear Jennifer,

    What a scoop ! I so enjoyed this post... keep up the good work you deco spy !!!

    Dean in Naples

  4. Haven't seen crewel work like that for ever! Great screen! A real cool peek back at that time! Thanks!

  5. I'd bid on the lamps Gorgeous..

    Great post,,

  6. What an exquisite room. Absolutely wonderful.

  7. The very long sofa in the first photo is also so gorgeous. Wonderful to see these pieces.

  8. What beautiful furniture. I love the crewel embroidered sofa.
    Great blog.

  9. Yum to all...the bamboo stuff, the lamp, and o-that-sofa. Want!

  10. I also hope the home was photographed. These are all beautiful pieces

  11. Nick Bianco9:01 PM

    You can see the original interiors here -, and info on the original owner here - One of the last intact Billy Haines / Ted Graber interiors, the house was purchased by director Michael Bay and he plans to demolish it. And while some of the items here may seem pricey to Ebenezer, they are a steal compared to what some things sold for. The white sofa in front of the red lacquered screen in the top photo went for $20,000. A pair of lamps with cloisonne cranes, mounted on a similar base to the lamp in the last photo, sold for $42,500. Oh, and the screen that everyone likes went for $11,250.

  12. The Frances Brody home is a true homage to great style and incredibly chic living. Log for updates on newly re-issued designs still available today.
    Thank you. Karen