Monday, March 15, 2010

Carolina, Adrienne, and Cole

You know that I love pretty textiles. Actually, make that wallpapers too. That's why I was excited to meet Cole Deming, an Atlantan who covers the Southeast for both Carolina Irving Textiles as well as Adrienne Neff Uzu Collection.

Now, I know that most of you are familiar with Carolina Irving. Her hand printed linen fabric satisfies our need for that dash of the exotic in our homes. But, Adrienne Neff might be a new name to you (it was for me). Neff recently established her eponymous wallpaper line, one characterized by prints that are ethnic in spirit and yet also contemporary in feel. Inspiration for the prints include 16th c. Japanese screens, cut agate rock, onions (yes, onions), and Pueblo Indian ceramic water jars c. 1,000 AD. Obviously, Neff is one informed woman. Oh, the paper, hand blocked in water-based inks on recycled paper, is made in Brooklyn, just as Irving's fabrics are hand screened in Los Angeles. Let's hear it for American made fabrics and wallpapers.

I've included images from both lines. The unprofessional photos of Cole's fabric samples are ones that I took; keep in mind that because the linen is so soft, it can't help but get creases when folded! That's part of its beauty. The professional Uzu photos are quite clever; the wallpaper was used as book bindings, something which only adds to the paper's charm.

If you would like more information on these lines or to order samples, please contact Cole Deming at or (404) 754-9673.

Adrienne Neff Uzu Collection:


Jagged Agate, Yamanoma, and Renjyu

Uzu, Jagged Agate, Yamanoma, and Acoma

That's Giant Onion on the book at top, and Uzu in the background

Carolina Irving Textiles:


This is a new version of Patmos Stripe; it's white on a gorgeous blue dyed linen fabric. Seriously stunning.


Mimosa Vine


Print at top: Calico in a beautiful charcoal gray colorway.

(Wallpaper images courtesy of Adrienne Neff Uzu. Irving photos by Jennifer Boles.)


  1. Dean Farris8:55 AM

    Great post Jennifer ! Love it all. I knew Carolina when I lived in NYC. I like the textiles and the papers very much. Thanks for sharing this.

    Dean in Florida

  2. Jennifer, love these fabrics the Uzu collection is really refreshing. I am going to contact Cole today. I appreciate the information much! pgt

  3. The paper is really cool; different from anything else I've seen lately. And of course we all love Carolina's fabric. :)

  4. These are brilliant! I love the agate one.

    And love the name of Acoma... i've visited the Acoma pueblo in New Mexico... a magical place. Now a friend is the tribal judge there.

  5. Meg, you're far more knowledgeable than I. I admit that I knew nothing about the Acoma pueblo. :)

  6. I love the agate abstraction. I wish I'd thought of that!

  7. Palermo is on my top ten list :)

  8. Elizabeth Pyne (McMillen Plus)6:31 PM

    Carolina Irving's fabrics and Adrienne Neff Uzu's wallpapers are fantastic! I especially love Adrienne Neff Uzu's "Giant Onion." The design reminds me of Ellsworth Kelly's lithographs of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. (See

  9. Palermo Apple is my tip top fave of the collection as well - I have to share my friend's reaction just because it makes me smile (thanks Megan D)!:
    "I would love it for roman shades in my kitchen...the italian in me wants to drizzle olive oil, lemon juice, and pepper on those greens and eat them they look so good! Ha."
    Thanks for a beautiful post, Jen! Have a Happy St Patty's everyone -