Friday, August 07, 2009

Moore & Giles Leather

I've always liked leather and have thought of using it for a few different applications, but I never went gaga over leather...until now. I recently had a chance to see Moore and Giles leather in person, and now I'm ready to upholster anything I can get my hands on in one of their sumptuous skins.

Moore and Giles, based in Lynchburg, Virginia, has been in the leather business since 1933, first as a supplier to the footwear industry and later the home furnishings business. Only recently have they entered the residential design arena. Many of you have seen Moore and Giles leathers in person, but perhaps you didn't realize it. For instance, those oft-photographed and commented on blue and avocado colored leather chairs in the Kelly Wearstler designed BG restaurant? Yep, Moore and Giles leather.

What first caught my eye were the yummy colors. Sure, you can stick to the basics if need be, but if you want a shade that is bright or moody or mysterious, this line has those too. And the textures are amazing. Buttery leathers, pony hairs, embossed, and laser cut. I suppose that I just wasn't aware of the array of finishes available...and the variety of ways in which you could use these leathers in your home!

(Moore and Giles leather is to the trade. To request pricing and samples, contact Greyson Kirby at

(ed. note: I just found out that Style Court likes Moore and Giles leather too! Check out her post on the line.)

Teju Lizard


Royal Vine

Palace Point

King Croc




Chair upholstered in Amazon

Image at top: Cottswald leather samples and a sumptuous leather chair.


  1. J -- I think their varied greens are my new obsession! Love also their history in Virginia. Terrific examples here.

  2. I have to say I wasn't in love, until I saw the Teju Lizard...
    and now I see Moore and Giles makes bags! dangerous.
    Thanks so much for the info!

  3. Anonymous11:12 AM

    I love this leather... wish I could caress it. Thanks,

  4. Do they make iPhone cases? As per Hollister Hovey's site today:)?

  5. LPC- Don't know about iphone cases, but they make great bags!

  6. Those are really gorgeous, I work @ a Design Center in NYC and I've never heard of them. LOVE color, so tired of neutrals.

  7. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Wow, what you have posted is beautiful!

  8. Amen! I'm tired of neutrals too. It's time for color!!!

  9. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Have you ever seen or worked with Townsend Leather? You want to talk about some beautiful leathers....check out their website
    They are a family owned business of 40 years in the leather business. All the leather is manufactured in upstate NY, the heart of the leather glove making want to talk about leather history!

  10. Kelly Wearstler used them for the BG project. Beautiful!