Thursday, May 28, 2009

Parisian Hideaways

I tend not to travel in the summer because 1) it's too hot in many destinations so it's a little hard to see the romance and charm when it's a sweltering 90 degrees and 2) too many tourists on summer holiday.

Instead, I'll be taking a trip to Paris, all in the comfort of my air-conditioned home. I finally had the chance to read my copy of Parisian Hideaways: Exquisite Rooms in Enchanting Hotels by Casey O'Brien Blondes, and it's really something else. Each chapter features charming Parisian boutique hotels that are unbelievably stylish. Some are very traditional and very French while others are slightly eccentric.

Now, how many times have we read articles in which homeowners said that they wanted to duplicate the hotel look in their homes? I never understood that because isn't home supposed to look like home? Why do I want to feel like I'm living in the lobby of a W hotel? The hotels featured in this book are completely different. You will get a lot of decorating ideas from these hotels and this book (at least I did).

In addition to the glorious photos, there is interesting information about each hotel as well as lists of the hotel owners' favorite restaurants, shops, and museums. I think what I liked most about this book is what a surprise it was. A book on hotels is usually not up my alley, but when the hotels are as gorgeous as these, well, that's a different story!

Windsor Home, 3, rue Vital

Le Daniel, 8, rue Frederic Bastiat

Dokhan's, 117, rue Lauriston

Hotel du Petit Moulin, 29/31, rue de Poitou (decorated by Christian Lacroix)

Le Duc de Saint-Simon, 14, rue de Saint-Simon

(All images Beatrice Amagat from Parisian Hideaways: Exquisite Rooms in Enchanting Hotels by Casey O'Brien Blondes, Rizzoli New York, 2009)


  1. What a glorious book! I have noticed in researching posts on Chinoiserie on Flickr and other places how many pictures are from chic Paris hotels. I have to run-I'm off to order the book. ;)

  2. Dokhan's, 117, rue Lauriston
    Can you just SEE me living in that room!!!

  3. LOVE the book! And what about that room with plaid and a multiplicity of other patterns? The hotel thing has been so BIG lately - I blogged on it just recently . I don't think any of these spaces could be confused with a Westin!

  4. The Christian Lacroix is such wonderful perceptual overload!!! All the right colors. Love it.

  5. The Windsor Home room is so French 1950s, no? (Such a good period for design, stately and soigné.) And I like the Le Daniel room too, though I'd substitute a more comfortable sofa.

  6. I was just flipping through this book the other day thinking how GREAT it was -and how odd that a book about hotels could be so personal and stylish!

  7. Love the book, can deal with the heat but ugh!! the tourists, especially the ugly American ones. They embarass me to no end.
    Why don't they speak English??? I can't believ they don't have ranch (yes my mother overheard a woman say this in a small restaurant in Provence...)???
    Sorry a bit of a tangent...had this chat with my Danish friend earlier.....I need at least a month in the Dokhan's room.

  8. I am loving this book! I must go pick up a copy immediately! p.s. I was at the Design ADAC event that you spoke at regarding blogging and the design industry and I got some great information from you so thank you!

  9. Hi Niki! Glad you made it to the panel discussion!! Thanks.

  10. The images you posted were unbelievably great. I see why you fell in love with Casey's book. Now I want to order one. Thanks for the good idea for a great summer read. Loved your thoughts about the hotel boutique rage. Very true!

  11. Love the book, thanks for pointing it out.......