Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A New Romance

For years now, I've been madly and head over heels in love with prints. I assure you that I was discriminating; don't think that I fell for every print that came down the pike. Prints by Albert Hadley, Sister Parish, Alan Campbell, and Quadrille were my passion. And I was discreet too. I had enough sense to know that one, maybe two were enough in a room. But now, I'm looking for something different. Perhaps something a little more subtle.

One fabric collection that caught my eye was Donghia's Spring 2009 offerings. The new line, the first designed by Creative Director Chuck Chewning, is all about rich color, intriguing texture, and a few soft prints. This is the type of fabric that adds sophistication and maturity to a room. The kind that forces other prints to behave themselves and not slip into immaturity or silliness.

Of course, first loves never die, and I have a feeling I'll be buried with my Albert Hadley prints, but sometimes, it's nice to explore other options.

"Hera". The hand-embroidered medallions are feminine and sweet, though certainly not cloying.

"Bell'Insetto". Hands down one of my favorites in the entire collection. The name means beautiful insect in Italian. Come on, how can a bug not be beautiful when used on silk damask?

"Cashmere Velvet Herringbone". Or maybe this one is my favorite. So luxurious and so masculine, especially with that chevron pattern.

"Ella". A bit more casual and free-spirited than the others, this textured cotton four-leaf clover print would work well in less formal surroundings.

"Encanto". The appliqué, printing, and embroidery is all hand-finished. Oh, the flowers and vines have embroidered French knots on them as well.

"Estrella". While I tend to go for richer, more saturated color, I do think the soft color palette is soothing. Don't you want to rub your hands over that texture?

Images at top: "Ripple". First, the colors are so rich and gorgeous. And that sheen!

(All images courtesy of Donghia)


  1. I absolutely adore the silk damask insects-fabulous.

  2. Girl these are exquisite!

  3. How interesting, the tarrantula inspired print would be fun for a natural curiosity type of room with specimens or garden filled natural elements. Interesting.

  4. I have a "thing" for fabrics and antique textiles of any sort....these are gorgeous! Thanks.

  5. Love the insect one . Love to work with Donghia's fabrics

  6. I love love love fabrics and drool over the Donghia collection every time I go to the ADAC. It is a must stop and feel and ahhhh and dream and lust. Beautiful.

  7. Beautiful - but I don't know about those bugs! :)

  8. My sister works with fabrics. She recently made some curtains and a table cloth using a rich purple fabric.

  9. Absolutely love the "Insetto"! It is so unexpected, would be great in a room with curiosity cabinets!

  10. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Everybody has been into the "graphic" prints...not just you...and the wheel continues to turn so now everyone will be into the subtle is not a unique should just stick to what they like and not be influenced by the selectors..

  11. Estrella looks gorgeous and is my favourite. Insetto? no grazie! but it is sure unique and new.

  12. oooh, love that velvet herringbone. Sigh. Wish it were affordable.