Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jeremiah Goodman

Jeremiah Goodman is considered to be one of the finest illustrators of interiors. Known for his watercolors and gouaches, Goodman made a name for himself with his interior renderings for decorators, celebrities, and Lord & Taylor. Goodman has painted the rooms of Billy Baldwin, Michael Taylor, Diana Vreeland, and Greta Garbo.

Now in his eighties, Goodman is finally getting the recognition that he so deserves. There is a new book, Jeremiah: A Romantic Vision, which is a compilation of some of his finest works. Coinciding with the release of this publication, there is also an exhibit of his works at Bergdorf Goodman (through December 31).

I found a few images of his work on the internet. The first work is "Tearoom at the Colony Club, by Elsie de Wolfe", which was painted in 1985. The second painting is "Jeremiah Goodman's East Hampton Living Room" (1967).

A few years ago, I was able to acquire two paintings that I believe were done by Goodman (Goodman always signed his paintings using his first name- Jeremiah- only). They are very simple renderings when compared to those above. As he did illustrations for Lord and Taylor catalogues and advertisements, I wonder if that might have been the purpose of my Goodmans?


  1. maurice11:43 AM

    Your renderings have all the earmarks of genuine Goodmans your fortunate to own them, they are lovely,Regards Maurice Schiller

  2. Maurice- Thank you. They're some of my prized possessions- while they are not as exuberant as much of his other work, I still love them nonetheless!

  3. Dear Peak of Chic - these are beautiful! you are very fortunate to own some of his work!!:-)

  4. Thanks Bright & Beautiful! I do love them!

  5. celine6:01 PM

    I loved your Goodman's.
    A friend of mine wants to acquire a Goodman.
    How did you get yours?
    Through a gallery or an auction? Is there any place you can advice?
    thank you..

  6. Celine- I lucked out and got them on ebay many years ago. However, I know that Belvedere was selling some on 1st dibs a while back. Maybe you could contact Belvedere (I think their contact info is on 1st dibs). Other than that, I don't know where to get them. Sorry I'm not more help.

  7. Dear Peak of Chic,

    You do indeed have an original Jeremiah. I have just began working with Jeremiah producing limited edition prints of his paintings. Each print is signed and dated by Jeremiah. The prints will go on sale in January 2010.

    If you would like to know more please visit my website www.deanrhysmorgan.com or drop me an email at dean@deanrhysmorgan.com.


    Dean Rhys Morgan

  8. I have recently acquired a Jeremiah Goodman expensively framed, and am willing to sell it for $1500.


  9. Jennifer,
    I was again most fortunate, while a student at FIT, NYC- Stanley Barrows had Jeremiah come to the school, talk to us, and then he actually did a rendering right in front of us! I do have a catalogue of his work- which was given to me by a friend. Slightly off-topic, but when I worked in New York, I once had to sketch some really fast renderings for the designers Marshall-Schule. They (renderings) were then featured on the old cable television show called "Style With Elsa Klensch" ! I still have them. The living room was a Cecil Beaton emerald green lacquered affair, and the dining room was inspired by the Brighton Pavilion- all in a creamy tomatoe-y red with English regency furniture- so elegant!

    Dean Farris

  10. Anonymous9:43 PM

    I think I just purchased an original rendering of a condominium project in Tampa.