Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Inspiring Room

I was very taken with the article on the home of Christopher Spitzmiller, featured in December's Elle Decor. I have been a fan of Spitzmiller's lamps for years, so it was interesting to see how he chose to decorate his home.

The lacquered yellow walls of the living room create such a vivid backdrop to the room's furnishings. Spitzmiller mentioned that he was inspired by Nancy Lancaster's "buttah yellow" walls and used this as a starting point for the room. He was also influenced by the home of Mr. and Mrs. David Bruce that was decorated by John Fowler (to see a photo of the Bruce's drawing room, see my post from yesterday). Interestingly, Spitzmiller was able to purchase a few pieces that belonged to the Bruces, including two medallions that were painted by George Oakes. Oakes was an employee of Colefax Fowler who painted numerous pieces for John Fowler.

The living room is, in my opinion, very chic-traditional. You can tell that each piece of furniture was chosen with care, and each piece adds something to the overall design. I am also crazy about his bedroom. I love the paisley fabric walls. Very inspiring!


  1. Serena in Toronto6:18 PM

    What an amazing apartment! I'm crazy about that wallpaper, too. Do you know who makes it? Thanks.

  2. Serena, I really love that apt. too. It's traditional, but cosmopolitan too. I just referred back to the article- the walls are covered in a linen-cotton fabric called "Ravi" by Stark Fabric (www.starkcarpet.com). Hope this helps!