Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Some Suzanne Rheinstein Wisdom

One thing that I admire about Suzanne Rheinstein's elegant and classical style is that it works well in both town and country. Suzanne can decorate both a Park Avenue apartment as well as a Virginia horse farm with equal aplomb! I'm especially excited about her recently completed project that is featured in House Beautiful's May issue, the theme of which is "Designer Secrets".

Suzanne decorated this Upper East Side apartment for a young married couple that hails from the South. In fact, while reading the article, I realized that the wife used to be my across the hall neighbor in Atlanta many years ago. As you can see, the interiors are gracious and proper, and yet they're comfortable looking too. To me, the apartment looks like a big old Southern home housed within an Upper East Side apartment building.

I'm including a few images here, but be sure to check out the May issue to get the full effect. And as the issue's cover promises, there are plenty of Suzanne's designer secrets in the article as well. (In fact, some of her sage advice can be seen in the photo above.)

All photos from House Beautiful, May 2012, Francois Dischinger photographer. Photos used with express permission from the magazine.


  1. Can't wait to receive my copy + SR is certainly one talented lady.

  2. I like that:"Have fewer things, but better things". That has been my motto from day one. The "better" will never go out of style and has an integrity that makes for good company. Thanks for the heads up. Mary

  3. Barnabus Collins3:21 AM

    Jennifer, I find the idea of a seating vignette in (or directly off of) the dining room to be an incredibly gracious touch and I salute the lady from LA for her lite-handed execution of that idea here. As you noted, there's plenty of southern sensibility in this project -all wrapped up in a look that's perfect for the Upper-East-Side crowd -and this is but one great example.

  4. I so agree with you Jennifer, Suzanne Rheinstein creates rooms that people really live in they are beautiful and comfortable, not "all dressed up with nowhere to go" if you know what I mean.

  5. I love the color palette of the first image. So elegant and contemporary.