Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Houses of Veranda

It's hard to believe that Veranda magazine is twenty five years old. For many of those years, Veranda was a Southern magazine based in Atlanta. Before too long, though, word spread beyond the region about the elegant magazine, and people from outside of the South fell captive to its charm just as we had. Veranda began to feature homes from all over the country and overseas as well. Who doesn't remember those glorious homes in France, Belgium, and Sweden that have graced the pages of Veranda? While Veranda has changed through the years, one thing has remained constant: the kindness and graciousness of founder and former editor-in-chief Lisa Newsom. Lisa really is as nice as they come, something which makes her well-earned success that much more deserving.

As many of you probably know, Lisa recently finished her book,
The Houses of Veranda, set to be released on May 1. I received my review copy last week, and reading it brought back so many nice memories of both old and more recent issues of the magazine. The book profiles some of the more memorable homes that have been featured in the magazine, though as Lisa mentions in the book's introduction, narrowing down the selection was difficult. The book is divided into chapters on classic houses, modern houses, romantic houses, and artful retreats. I'm sure you'll remember many of the selected homes including those designed by Axel Vervoordt, Dan Carithers, Babs Watkins, and John Saladino.

The book is a wonderful tribute to the first twenty five years of the magazine's history as well as to the hard work of Lisa Newsom and her team of editors. And now under the editorship of Dara Caponigro, Veranda is poised for twenty five more years of beautiful interiors.

The Belgian castle of Axel and May Vervoordt

A house designed Mary Douglas Drysdale

Piero Castellin Baldissera's Tuscan farmhouse.

A Park Avenue apartment designed by David Kleinberg and architect Peter Pennoyer.

The North Carolina mountain house of Hal Ainsworth and Winton Noah.

All photos from The Houses of Veranda by Lisa Newsom; Hearst Books, 2012.


  1. Veranda is my most favorite! Stunning images + grand content. Must get this one-thanks for the back story. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  2. Love yellow paintings above the gold table a true pop of color set against the white walls!

  3. I can't remember when I first became aware of Veranda magazine, but it quickly became my favourite. I was thrilled when I saw that Lisa had written a book and, of course, ordered it. According to Amazon, it should be arriving today. Please hurry, UPS!

  4. I seriously adore Veranda. It was probably the first home/decor magazine I ever subscribed to and I have never had a single regret. It is full of quality information and you can even FEEL the quality in this magazine's construction!

  5. I pre-ordered the book last week and cannot wait to receive it. Thanks for the preview.