Friday, April 27, 2012

Let's Talk Books

I want to invite all of you to join me in Atlanta for a talk that I'll be giving in May, "The Best Seller List: Books That No Designer Should Be Without". I will be speaking about the most inspiring design, architecture, entertaining, and lifestyle books that should be part of one's library. Is it any surprise to you that I chose books to be my topic?

Part of ADAC's annual
Design Defined event, the talk will take place on Tuesday, May 8 at 10am in ADAC's Presentation Room. There will be a light lunch to follow at the new Porcelanosa showroom.

Click here more information or to register for the event. I do hope to see you there!


  1. Greetings,
    Will there be a way that you can share your list of books with your readers? I for one would like to Peak at what's Chic and learn something new. Thank you for your witty and recreative Blog! David

  2. Hope you post a list of titles for those of us who are out of town and cannot attend.

  3. IF,IF,IF I lived in the area, I would be there.

  4. Would love to be there but an island on the west coast of Canada is not close enough for that trip. But would be delighted to read you list of books!

  5. Anonymous3:03 PM

    why don't you have someone record/tape you, and then feature it on your blog as a Webinair? You could also charge something for it via Paypal - very easy to do. I'm sure many readers would love to attend your talk but live too far away - this would be a special treat.