Monday, March 13, 2017

New Offerings from Jim Thompson and No. 9 Thompson

I recently spent a pleasant morning at the Jim Thompson showroom at ADAC, perusing the new collections from both Jim Thompson and No. 9 Thompson. Both collections featured such vibrant colors and pattern that I was aching to recover my furniture in anticipation of summer.

First up are two collections from Jim Thompson: Leo de Janeiro and Negresco, an outdoor fabric collection. Ou Baholyodhin, Jim Thompson's Creative Director for Home Furnishings, conceived Leo de Janeiro as a marriage of Chinese culture ("Leo" representing a Chinese lion) with the exotic, exuberant energy of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. One of my favorite introductions is Leo de Janeiro, the namesake of the new collection, which features a whimsical Chinese lion that is up to mischief. This particular fabric strikes me as the type that, no matter how long it's in use as curtains or upholstery, you'll continue to cherish it until the fabric is in tatters. Other favorites of mine include Ming Ming (especially the version in black), Heliconia Dreamin', a sumptuously embroidered fabric, and Cala, which is a fresh and colorful update of a traditional silk moire.  Equally as tempting is Belize, a bamboo print from the Negresco outdoor collection.  It looks like a fabric that might have been used in the home of Betsy Bloomingdale or at Sunnylands, the Annenbergs' Palm Springs estate.

Leo de Janeiro


Ming Ming


Heliconia Dreamin'




Jim Thompson Negresco Collection of Outdoor Fabric:



No. 9 Thompson

For his new No. 9 Thompson collections, Colourfield and All Aboard (an outdoor range), designer Richard Smith cites inspiration ranging from painter Lucio Fontana's slash series and Matisse cut-outs to 1960's Pop Art and African textiles.  The mood of the collection is upbeat, which is an outlook that we could all use these days.  Prints such as Breton, Matelot, and In a Twist strike a nautical note, while Zig Zag seems like the kind of print that would have appealed to Albert Hadley.  The collection is fun, not too serious, and just right for the warmer weather ahead.  Of the selection I'm showing below, all are outdoor fabrics with the exception of In a Twist, Decoupage, and Areso.

For both the Jim Thompson and No. 9 Thompson collections, I'm only showing you a sampling of fabrics.  To see the full range, visit the Jim Thompson website or your local designer showroom.



Zee Urchin

Diamond Life

In a Twist

All Aboard



All images courtesy of Jim Thompson


  1. Heliconia Dreamin' is a gorgeous pattern. I'm scared to think about the cost per yard though!

    1. One Charlotte Court, I assumed its cost would be prohibitive, but in fact, it's reasonably priced. I can't remember the exact cost, but I was pleasantly surprised when I learned it.

  2. Hello Jennifer, I am in love with the looks and humor of the "Leo de Janeiro" fabric. Finally, something other than birds in a Chinese fabric/wallpaper landscape! I have a pair of Chinese wooden lions similarly colored.

    A number of other interesting choices in this mix.

    1. Jim, Leo de Janeiro is one of my favorites thanks to the precocious Chinese lion.

  3. Hooray for colour! Very nice collections. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of these.

  4. Beautiful fabrics Jennifer, can't wait to incorporate them into something amazing!

  5. These beautiful fabrics have really gotten my juices flowing. My Summer decorating will definitely be influenced.