Monday, December 12, 2016

Zuber: Much More than Wallpaper

No doubt the name "Zuber" conjures up images of rooms graciously- and often plentifully- papered in exquisite scenic wallcoverings.  One of the world's most storied wallpaper makers, Zuber is known for such hand-blocked papers as L'Hindoustan, L'Eldorado, and Les Vues d'Amerique du Nord, which Jacqueline Kennedy notably had installed in the Diplomatic Reception Room at the White House. But did you know that Zuber offers more than scenic papers?

If you need an inducement to hand-write your notes, then perhaps Zuber stationery might tempt you into penning your correspondence. Speaking of temptation, Zuber also purveys silk scarves, whose miniature scenes will add a dash of the exotic to your wardrobe.  Zuber even sells embroidered pillows, whose designs might echo the firm's scenic papers but, thanks to their subtle colors and embroidery, won't compete with them.  Did I mention that all of these accessories are made in France?

Any of the above would make impressive Christmas presents, because who wouldn't want to open a package from Zuber on Christmas morning.  For more information or to place orders, you should contact the Zuber showroom (4 W. 19th St., New York, NY) at (212) 486-9226 or email inquiries to  Please note that quantities are limited, and the pricing below does not include shipping or taxes.

Scarves (various available with scenes from Psyche, Reveillon, Les Lointains, Scenes Japonais, El Dorado, L’Hindoustan, and Le Bresil) 100% silk scarves $325 (solid colors $220)

Zuber pillows, front to back: Chinoiserie (details below), Dore (solid gold) $200,  and Brode Dore on Linen (also available on velour) with gold embroidery $350.

Chinoiserie pillow with gold thread embroidery on linen, $250.

Zuber stationery


  1. Zuber is la crème de la crème of papers, and it is nice to see that they are offering other decorative items as well. I hadn't realized that their showroom is now on West 19th St. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I live very close to this showroom; heading over tomorrow. Thank you!