Friday, November 13, 2015

New Vintage Fabrics from Mary Jane McCarty

Some of you longtime readers might remember my post in which I featured the antique-textile pillows that were hand-crafted by Mary Jane McCarty.  Those who are in the know- or who shop at Bergdorf Goodman, where the pillows are sold- covet McCarty's handiwork both for its charm and its emphasis on antique and vintage fabrics.

Well, McCarty's love of antique textiles has blossomed once again.  McCarty recently introduced her New Vintage Collection, a fabric collection whose prints are based on the designer's trove of archival textiles.  Available to the trade and printed to order, the cotton fabrics, which were designed by McCarty, might be new, but their spirit evokes the past.  Patterns include indiennes, tropical motifs, and scenes of architectural ruins and even harems.  But the fabric that especially strikes my fancy is Ming Urn, whose urn-flanked windows I find so delightful.

While the fabrics are sold to the trade, McCarty's New Vintage pillows and custom-order lamp shades are available to all customers.  To see the entire range, or for information on ordering fabrics or accessories, please visit McCarty's website, where I think you'll find that McCarty's passion for antique textiles is infectious!

Ming Urn in Sepia

Columns in Indigo

Harem in Plum

Indiennes in Slate/Multi

Jungle Parrots in Teal

Tropic Leaves in Oxblood

Avignon Stripe in Coco


  1. Absolutely STUNNING!

  2. Gina kiellerman8:57 PM

    Thank you mj, I miss all the older vintage fabrics. You are on to something quite remarkable.

  3. These fabrics are glorious Jennifer!!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. Absolutely Beautiful!

  5. MJ is a fantastic artisan