Monday, September 28, 2015

studio B Collection

Design centers around the country are currently hosting Fall Market events including ADAC, whose multi-day Discover ADAC event is always highly anticipated and very well-attended.  One of the many highlights will be the debut of Jim Thompson Textiles' new collection, studio B.  The debut is of significance to me because the collection's designer, Brian Carter, is an Atlanta-based artist who also happened to help design the enchanting vignettes at my Atlanta book launch two years ago.  Not only is Brian highly-talented, but he's also one of this industry's nice guys.

The new collection features nine graphic patterns, all of which have been printed on linen.  Look closely at each pattern, and you will see that Brian actually painted these designs.  They are not computer-generated.  Brush strokes, ragged borders, and the occasional drip or scratch have been preserved to highlight the hand-work involved in creating these patterns.  And many of the collection's color combinations- chosen by Brian for the way they "react to each other"- are unexpected and so very appealing.

The studio B collection will be available at Jim Thompson showrooms across the country.  If you're attending this week's Discover ADAC, do stop by the Jim Thompson showroom to see the new collection for yourself.

Hob Nob:

Greek to Me (on chair) and Too Too Tango (used for curtains):

To and Fro:

Lucky's Star (below sink) and Buckle Up (on lampshade):

Double Whammy:

Connect the Dots:


  1. Very Prints Charming!

  2. Jennifer, a fabulous collection. So artful, fresh and very timeless!! I love it all!

    The Arts by Karena