Tuesday, February 05, 2013

No. 9 Thompson Grand Vizier Collection

Recently, I got a peek at the new No. 9 Thompson Grand Vizier collection while the fabric was being photographed for their "official" portraits. All of the fabric looked snappy yet soft and eye-catching without being eye-popping. One print in particular stood out to me: Grand Paisley. The splashy print features exuberantly sized paisley framed by bands of leopard print. That combination might sound unusual at first, but it's really not.  In fact, Grand Paisley reminds me of some of those great old prints like Brunschwig & Fils' Chinese Leopard Toile in which leopard print is combined with an unexpected pattern to create a very striking fabric.

Grand Paisley comes in a red colorway that is rather bold and daring.  I could see using the red version in a small nighttime room like a study or library where it could be used for curtains, upholstery, and, perhaps, on the walls, too.  For those more inclined to live with softer or more neutral colors, the print does come in other colorways including a pretty blue version.

In addition to Grand Paisley, there are many other prints in the collection that were recently introduced at Paris Deco Off.  Take a look below to see the range of the collection, or visit the Jim Thompson/No. 9 Thompson website.

Fabrics in photo at top: Sofa and curtains, Papave; Roman shades and sofa cushion, Agiasos; rectangular pillow, Zabadani; pillows, Tea Party; Chair, Plain Rong; Ottoman, Topkapi.

Sofa in Grand Paisley.  No. 9 Thompson's Design Director, Richard Smith, was inspired to create Grand Paisley after finding a small document of a paisley fabric that lined an old Uzbekistani robe.  Smith blew up the scale of the paisley, something which makes it seem modern.

Pillows covered in Grand Paisley and Zabadani, at right.

Curtains in Grand Paisley and chair cushions in Tesserae.

No. 9 Thompson's Design Director, Richard Smith, attended Paris Deco Off to present his collection. In the photos above, Smith is seen with Agiasos and Grand Paisley, at the bottom.

All photos used with express permission of No. 9 Thompson.


  1. Paisley is one of my most favorite patterns. My living room sofa is covered in an Old World Weavers paisley and I never tire of it.

  2. Grand Paisley is going to become a classic!! Love it.