Tuesday, December 11, 2012

At Last

I've never been a big fan of frogs, a feeling that I believe stems from the fact that they're slimy.  Or at least, they look slimy.  I've never touched one because, as we were all led to believe when we were young, doing so would give you warts.

There are a few frogs that I do like, though.  Kermit seems awfully sweet.  And one of my favorite restaurants is La Grenouille, named for the French word for frog.  Now that I think of it, I've never had the frog legs at La Grenouille before.

I would consider sending Dempsey & Carroll's Cocktail Frog Invitation to guests because who wouldn't like a convivial frog?

If I had a little boy, I would use Scalamandre's Calabassas County fabric in his room because it's cute and youthful...and I'm old-fashioned enough that I think that childrens' rooms should look youthful, not hip.

But there is one frog that I have coveted for years.  I've spied him, or rather one of his relatives, before in some pretty swell homes like those of Tony Duquette and Valentino.  And finally, after all of these years, I can call him mine:

He'll look much happier with a little plant inside of him, perhaps a Christmas cactus (remember those?) in honor of the season.  Now this is a frog that I'll happily take, warts and all.

Image at top: Frogs by Picasso, Metropolitan Museum of Art


  1. Agreed - representations are so much better than the real (slimey) thing! I have a 1960s huge ceramic frog in my kitchen with a huge red tongue which I think is a dish washing scrubber? I'm not sure why because I never asked but they had quite a few frog things. I have a small silver frog on my nightstand that my grandma used to keep on hers as well.

  2. Love toads and frogs. As a gardener, I always take seeing them as a sign of healthy garden. When my son was a child, he loved the Mr. Toad and Mr. Frog books. I have to admit, so did I. The Calabassas County frogs are delightful. And, as always, reminds me of Mark Twains Calaveras County frogs.

  3. I do love frogs. And children's rooms are not supposed to be hip. I love you new frog....Glad that you are back.

  4. Jennifer- that little frog planter is adorable! I can see why you coveted him.

  5. Jennifer, a delightful work of art you've acquired!
    That Scalamandre fabric is also wonderful!

    2012 Artists Series,

  6. I love frogs, especially in the garden. I have had a few antique cast iron frogs in the past, but I like the live ones best.

  7. Tony Duquette would give frogs exactly like yours as presents to friends. He liked to use them as table decorations, usually left empty.

  8. This is not a frog. This is an enchanted prince.
    Try to kiss instead of the Christmas cactus and see what happen.

  9. Like you Jennifer have had my eye on this the adorable version of the not so adorable real thing.never spotted one for sale though.

  10. I love frogs. I loved Wind in the Willows when I was little, and loved them ever since. I love all kinds of cuisine, but that is prob why I do not like eating frog legs!

  11. Victoria6:40 PM

    I agree the real thing is rather shudder inducing but decoratively.... Baccarat crystal frogs, ceramic frogs from Albrizzi, silver frogs and stone in the garden, of course. I love yours and used to see them a lot - not so much now.

  12. It was meant to be - so glad you found him.

  13. Jennifer, those particular frogs SCREAM chic! Candy Hamm, an old Michael Taylor client, has some blanc de chine ones, like yours. Did you ever hear of a cult movie called "Frogs" ? It's really very interesting, about people who live in an elegant house that is near a swamp- like Louisiana- and the frogs take over, and eat all the people! Congrats on your entry into the frogospere, and Merry Christmas!

  14. I really like frogs, especially in the lawn. I have had a few vintage metal frogs in the last, but I like the stay ones best.thanks for share this!


  15. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Bonjour from France! I like specially these nice ceramics frogs ! This one is from the French ceramist, Jean Roger, Seventie's. I have the same in grey blue ! Thank's for your beautiful blog ! Philippe

    1. Dear Philippe, So nice to hear from you. Yes, it is indeed by Jean Roger. I have never seen one in grey blue but it sounds divine!