Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mr. Adams Goes to Budapest

I've written about London based designer Richard Adams before.  His luxuriously appointed, bijou London flat is a favorite of mine thanks to what is, really, a heady mix of glimmer and glamour.  (Click here to see photos of it.)  Well, I'm back with more photos, but this time, they show Richard's luxuriously appointed, bijou Budapest pied à terre.

Richard now divides his time between London and Budapest, a city that, according to Richard, has a large and interesting expat community.  The designer's new home features the same elegance as that which we saw in his London flat, with some of that home's furnishings having made the move to Budapest.  But I'm not the only fan of Richard's new domicile.  It seems that the editors at Polgari Otthon, a Budapest design magazine, feel the same way.  They are featuring Richard's flat in their latest issue, the article photos which you see here.

All images from Polgari Otthon, September/October 2012.


  1. I was just looking at the wedding pictures of my web designer who got married in Budapest. My first husband was from Pest and now this fabulous post- I have a feeling that this city is going on my wish list of places to visit! Thanks!

  2. A gorgeous post; thanks.

  3. sooo stunning + Budapest!!!!

  4. This home is just stunning, so beautifully and perfectly designed and arranged. I love the black and gold edged desk/table, what a feature piece in itself. With rooms this large elaborate gold items are just perfect and add warmth to the room. Gorgeous.